Work Wednesday—The Pond

Last week, I told my husband that we could start work on the pond area as long as the other things on the list were finished—all those half-done projects.

Well, I relented a bit, we’re still undone on a couple things, but wow—that man took off and worked his butt off on the other things. He REALLY wanted that pond area finished!

So here are a few “before, during, and after” pics:

IMG_7277 IMG_7275


IMG_7411[1] IMG_7412[1]

IMG_7407[1] IMG_7405[1]


027 029 

We’ve been cutting and clearing—mostly him, as I was occupied with a few other things—and now we’ll move on to building the dock and a picnic table, adding sand to the beach area, and cleaning up the last few little things around there.

And next week, we’ll take delivery of a pond rake, or some such thing, for the water lily problem we seem to have developed. Can’t believe we finally discovered the ONE THING that Amazon doesn’t carry!




One comment on “Work Wednesday—The Pond

  1. Laura Cichon says:

    Looks fabulous!! Great job!!!


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