Work Wednesday—The Pond

Yes, we’re back to working on the pond. And when I say “we,” I mean my husband . . . He did have me come down to make sure the dock was straight in the water, ‘cause, well, I like things neat and orderly. He couldn’t care less.



We did go to an auction this past weekend, and my husband picked up a metal detector. Good thing, because to date we’ve (I’ve) lost two throwing knives, an axe, and just this morning, an arrow, somewhere behind the shooting range.

The garden has a few late tomatoes still left, and maybe three pepper plants that will likely do absolutely nothing. And garlic, of course, that won’t be harvested for a couple months yet.

Clearing and plowing are up next, to finish expanding next year’s garden and put in the greenhouse for the winter. And we still have a few missed spots on the kitchen deck to pressure wash.

Assuming, of course, we can find and move all the cat toys that a friend bought this weekend for Arthur.

We finally finished the sliding doors—thank goodness our neighbor helped, those suckers were HEAVY—and got the rest of the deck furniture. Voila, another room!


And, well, another bedroom for my friends who visit overnight who claim they are too “old” to use the campsite (this includes our kids, by the way):


Oh, and big announcement:

We have considerably fewer spider webs all through the woods. You’re welcome. I’ve been wearing them for a week . . .



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