Work Wednesday—Still Fencing!

Yep, still putting those pines in the ground—but we’ve turned a corner. Ha. Literally. Working now on the north end, which should go more quickly since A) it’s shorter in length and B) my husband put a new whatchamacallit on the end of the auger.

004 005

Hoping to be all finished by the end of the month, or shortly thereafter. Depends on how often I can get out there to help him, now that things are heating up in the book world, among other things.

Definitely want this finished! Besides our short-term visitor, Chestnut, I kind of found a little black filly for sale, AQHA. Her name is Midnight . . .

Basically, I have to stop looking at horses for the time being—after all, I still don’t have a trailer to get her here. Um, I mean, ANY horse. Eventually. Hmmm.

And trailers seem to be hard to find. Seriously. The kind we want, anyway, which is a good used 2-horse. As much as I drool over those rigs with dressing rooms—who am I kidding? They come with fancy living quarters and slide-outs and all manner of upgrades these days. With the accompanying price tag . . .

012 010 011



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