Prep Monday—Are You Ready?

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know that SHTF is something that, in my opinion, could very well happen in two weeks.

Yes, the election. Politics aside, things could get bad. Or not.

The best way to be prepared is to actually do so—and if nothing happens, you have some extra stuff that you could use in a power outage or during a weather event.

So think about this: what if you couldn’t get to a store to buy what you need? What if what you need is not being made, or shipped, or stocked at the store? Now think of the worst-case scenario, and dial it down by about half. That still has some pretty serious potential.

Over the next two weeks, we’re rounding out our supply lists. Now, we certainly won’t starve, even if we eat some pretty unusual meals or even—heaven forbid—we have to use stuff from the “icky” shelf. That’s the food you seem to accumulate for no good reason, like sardines. Ick. Hence the name of the shelf.

But we’re adding to our first aid supplies, our OTC and prescription meds, gasoline and other fuel, batteries, pet food—although in a pinch, they could eat table scraps or the cats could forage; Arthur seems particularly adept at catching frogs—some food items that we can’t make from ingredients on hand, extra personal care items, stuff like that.

I know a lot of you don’t have the storage space that we do, but you can still find space for an extra tube or two of toothpaste, soap, detergent, batteries, propane tank for the grill, food items, or whatever you’re short on at the moment. Keep your car tank at least half full. Keep some cash on hand in case you can’t access the bank or use a debit/credit card. Ask your doc to change your scrip to 90 days or for an early refill; some will do this, some won’t.

And have a plan to meet up with family members if necessary. Go to the spot where you all can best manage to live if things get dicey. Plan for communications to be down, too, or at least slowed; much like the Internet outages this past week.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but people who know more than I are warning everyone to be ready for an economic downturn, civil unrest, not-so-civil unrest, and power issues. Sure, some are doomsayers, but many are respected professionals.

Just be safe.


2 comments on “Prep Monday—Are You Ready?

  1. Just a thought.
    It appears you are planning to dig deep and stay put.
    Only what are your plans if you are dispossessed?

    Everything in one place could be someone else’s if they have a bigger gun than you have and know how to use it.

    Caching is a thought you might like to quickly plan and equip for.
    Check out for some basic tips.

    And good luck to you for November the 9th onwards if the wrong person gets elected. 😉


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