Work Wednesday—Making Progress

It’s been a busy week here on the farm. We’re finally (FINALLY!) getting rid of the remains of the old house that we had taken down a year and a half ago. Ahem. Long story. But we’ve spent the past few days burning what’s burnable (along with some extra brush we’d accumulated) and throwing the rest in the dumpster or burying it.

Here are a couple before pictures and an almost-after:



Also, over the last few days, we’ve picked up some manure from the neighbors and are working that into the garden, both existing and the part that we’ll plant in the spring. The greenhouse is waiting in the barn to be put together as soon as we finish leveling the site.


The pasture fence now has three sides of posts—the fourth side is waiting until 1) we get more posts, and 2) we finish the burn site, since that’s right next to it. Probably in the next few days we’ll order the extra posts and the lumber for the rails, and then pick up a few gates. I’m hoping to be finished in a couple weeks!

Aside from that, I’m still fighting the Battle of the Leaves, at least on the decks, and I need to mulch the ones in the yard areas. Still hanging laundry outside, but the dryer is hooked up now in anticipation of cold/rainy weather.

While we know the wood furnace draws, we haven’t used it yet. Just not cold enough, especially since I finally found the heated mattress pad . . . and it looks like the temps will hit 80 for a few days this weekend!


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