Prep Monday—Final Countdown

No, not that one! Last week until the election . . .

Did you follow directions last week? No? Well, you still have time!

See, I’m not paranoid or wishing for SHTF, most preppers aren’t—with some exceptions, particularly the ones who make “good TV.” But, if something happens, well . . .

Personally, I’m leaning toward a big issue with the election itself, although it’s hard to tell if that’s specific to this particular year or if it’s every presidential election and we just don’t remember the acrimony, the mud-slinging, the legal issues. Et cetera.

I think every four years we tend to forget a bit, to let it go. Then, when the season rolls around again, we not only remember, we dig up more dirt, sometimes going back several terms or decades.

It doesn’t matter. Social media is kind of an evil, ancient curse, in spite of its newness. You think you’re getting something good, and some of it is, or it is for a time, and then BAM. You’re screwed.

Point is that you better be ready for just about anything. If you live in an earthquake zone, you have a kit and plan, right? Flood area? Tornado Alley? Sure, you do.

This isn’t anything different.

We all know, historically if not personally, how the “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” works, amiright?

So when you shop this week, add some extra items, things you absolutely can’t do without and things you can’t make yourself. You’ll feel a lot better.

And be sure to vote. Confession: I skipped one year, ONE year, and wasn’t happy with the outcome. No, my vote didn’t matter by itself, but what if there’d been many people who’d planned to vote as I would have?

You never know.

And you never know when some kind of emergency will require you to be a lot more self-sufficient.



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