My Newest Baby

Meet the newest member of our herd, Virginia Range’s Hallelujah Trinket!


As you all probably know, I’ve been waiting for a foal for months and months—more like years, decades, whatever. Felt like this pregnant mare was taking forever! Daily, usually morning and night, I’d take pictures of Charm’s, um, parts, to check for any changes and impending foaling. Every morning, I’d wait for it to get light enough to see the paddock, and . . . nothing. Nothing but a hugely pregnant horse.

Last night, Charm didn’t quite finish her bucket or clean up her dribbles. She came down to the north paddock by herself instead of eating hay with the others for a while first. She kept warning Cav and Nicky away, but didn’t actually chase them.

Unfortunately, I was laid up with that bad disk in my neck which was killing my shoulder; Advil and a heating pad and feeling miserable was the best I could manage. Besides, I figured I was imagining things and well . . .

So I got up yesterday morning about 6:30, as usual, and peered out into the darkness. No movement. Had my coffee, kept looking outside. Nothing. Did my thing.

I walked through the living room and looked out the front windows just as it got light:

There she was, the teeniest, tiniest perfect little filly, running beside her mama!


All I could do was set down my coffee cup before I dropped it and keep repeating, “Oh, my goodness!” as I grabbed my phone and ran out the door. Charm was trotting around, one paddock and then the next, Trinket keeping pace with her, while I tried to snap pictures.

I was still in my robe and slippers . . .

Hurried back to the house and got dressed. My husband was putting on his boots and asked if I wanted a ride down to the barn, or if I was just going to float—I floated!

Throughout the day, I kept an eye on the little girl. Couldn’t focus on a darned thing. Charm nudged her towards me a few times, but she wouldn’t come closer than a few feet. My husband made Mama nervous too, and sometimes I did as well. Couldn’t be helped—I had to get the paddock cleaned up, among other things.

They came up by the barn for dinner with the others, who were dying of curiosity but too smart to get very close and risk a wallop from Charm. But Trinket came up to the fence where I was sitting and sniffed my arm, and THEN nibbled on my fingers! ❤

About 4:00 or so, when I moved the pair back into their own paddock, little Trinket walked a few steps away and WENT THROUGH THE FENCE into the south paddock. I about had a heart attack. She trotted down the fence line, me behind her while trying to open the gate so Charm could come get her, and popped back through to Mama.

Good grief.

Long story short, my husband and I were putting up wire between the ground and middle boards until 9:00 p.m. In the dark. With rain and thunder and lightning.

Might have to rename her “Trouble!”



6 comments on “My Newest Baby

  1. She is so cute. Now that she has nibbled on your fingers, she’ll be your baby girl forever. 🙂


  2. Laura Cichon says:

    How exciting!!!! Congratulations!!!


  3. She’s adorable! Congratulations!


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