Texas Shooting


A lot of my friends will probably laugh at me, but here’s my theory on the recent Texas shooting:


Adam and Eve had a perfect world; they screwed up, and sin entered the picture. You’re all familiar with the story of Cain and Abel, right? God told Cain that he preferred Abel’s gift, Cain got pissed off and killed his brother. Yes, over that.

So many folks want to pass more gun legislation—or enforce what we already have—because death, particularly many deaths at one place, is an emotional thing. No one wants to die and experience pain and horror, even if they expect to go to a better place; it’s not what happens after death, it’s dying. Loss is emotional, fear is one of the big four of emotions.

Some people blame guns, which is kind of odd given that they are inanimate objects; some blame mental illness; some blame pure evil or racism.

I’m telling you right now, it’s sin.

Those who want to legislate thoughts and feelings are those who believe man’s laws are the only thing that keep humans in check.

Ask yourself this: if murder were legal, as it is, say, in The Purge movie franchise, would you kill someone? Probably not. Why? Fear of laws? Punishment if you’re caught? Maybe some of both, but mostly because you know it’s wrong.

Not everyone knows that killing is wrong. That may be for any number of reasons, such as lack of empathy, never being taught right from wrong; perhaps even mental illness.

Sin is the reason.

And you can’t eradicate sin. Not possible. Only God can do that, and He chooses the time and the place. You can only put forth your own best effort, with the help of God; you cannot make anyone stop sinning in whatever form they choose.

I can tell you have questions. First, the answer to “what is The Purge?” It’s a movie, a series of movies actually, where the US has a new Congress and new laws and on one night each year, people are free to engage in mayhem in murder without any repercussions. Storyline aside, it’s quite horrifying.

Now, not all characters in the movies commit murder. In fact, quite a few, individually or within small groups, assist victims and set up medical stations and even rescue those who are fleeing the maniacs. But enough “normal” people participate that there’s quite a lot of carnage. When the sirens sound at the end of the 12-hour period, it’s over.

For some folks, man’s laws are all that matters. This is why so many criminals, regardless of chosen crime, continue to make attempts at circumventing those laws.


What if you aren’t a Christian and don’t believe in God or sin? Think long and hard about this. You probably would agree that you have a conscience, because you know right from wrong. Where do you think that comes from? Whether you believe or not, it comes from God. We are all made in His image—and again, it doesn’t matter if you believe that or not.

People bemoan, constantly, about the state of the world these days and follow that with “what are we going to do about it?” You do what you can do, yourself, and help others as you are able, but you cannot eradicate sin, no matter how many laws you pass or even enforce.

Was this latest incident due to mental illness? Maybe. Maybe the shooter just thought it was a good idea; that doesn’t mean anyone agreed. Just like if you think you should do something but your friends disagree—that doesn’t mean you won’t do it.

Most people refrain from very bad things, such as a mass shooting, not because of a law or potential punishment, but because it’s wrong. Some people don’t do bad things simply because of a law or the chances of punishment, but some people do these same horrible things regardless—because of sin.



2 comments on “Texas Shooting

  1. wordstock16 says:

    I know you are right. No amount of legislation will stop someone who chooses sin over right. Our world is in a sad state where these things will happen more and more because the devil is in charge. Unfortunately, the left is firmly aligned with the devil and no longer see the difference between right and wrong as long as it fits the agenda of globalization.


  2. Very good read! A perspective on the Texas church shooting. It hits the nail in the head! The answer? Can be found in I John 1:9. Also, being a decent and empathetic human being is a great start.


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