Monday Again

I have to laugh when someone says, “Oh, it must be nice to live out in the woods and not have to do anything!” Well, yes, the first part of that is true, but the second part? Nope. I’m busy from the time I get up until I go to sleep.

Okay, maybe until after dinner, say, 8:00 p.m. Then it’s usually a movie or a couple TV shows.

Mondays are our “going to town” days. We pick up any groceries, horse feed, sometimes a load of hay. I also do laundry on Mondays and download the bank statement. Anything else depends on the weather.

Or an emergency or at least an urgent situation that needs to be taken care of right away.

Today, for instance. I noticed a few days or so ago that there was a damp spot in the south paddock. Thought maybe it was just a pile of leaves, but we haven’t had any rain to speak of. Yesterday, I raked away the leaves and straw, and yep, a water leak. Pretty chilly yesterday, and it’s a project that takes a lot of time, so we planned it for today when it was supposed to be warmer.

And it was. Glorious 64 degrees until the wind picked up and shifted out of the west—temp’s dropping now, naturally. But I digress . . .

Headed up to the barn to feed the horses and there, lying in the driveway, was half a board from a fence. Hmmm. Finally found the gap—40 feet further. No idea HOW that board flew down the driveway after it got broken. No idea HOW it got broken, either.

My husband made a quick trip to town for a couple necessities, the rest will have to wait until tomorrow, and I pulled a board off another fence and replaced the broken one. Normally, we have a few extras lying around but nope, not today!

When he got back, we dug the hole, found the problem, and he ran to town again for parts. In the meantime, since the weather was nice and a big part of my life is shoveling manure, I cleaned up the paddock we’re working in and gave the horses more hay in the north section. Then I repaired the backstop of the shooting range and watered my plants in the greenhouse.


Thankfully, the laundry was put on hold halfway through because, well, the water’s off for the time being.

Bonus: Fitbit says I have 7,000 steps before lunch!

And I still have another paddock and a water trough or two to clean before it gets colder—but after the water line is fixed—laundry to finish, dinner to cook and clean up after, and cookie dough to make and chill. Okay, that last can wait, I guess. And it might.

Living out in the woods is not a vacation. I’ve said this many times. And again, the weather is the biggest issue. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be working outside when it’s 35 degrees . . . not fond of 45 either, but I do what I have to do. Taking care of my horses is one of them, and of course, making sure we all have water is another. I can’t just say, oh, well, I planned to go shopping today or get my hair done, or whatever.

Ha. I get a professional cut maybe once every 5-6 years. Seriously. Normally, I do it myself. When I think about it . . .

And I get that not everyone is like me. Some people don’t like hard work, physical labor, I mean. A week or so ago I spent a few hours in the car and a few hours standing around, making small talk. Yawn. Couldn’t wait to get home and get back outside, doing stuff. The whole thing made me cranky as all get-out.

Okay, okay, it was a memorial service. That part didn’t make me cranky, I hadn’t seen the gentleman in question for some time, but neither had I seen my ex-husband for some time. Insert eyeroll. Maybe that’s what did it . . .

Anyway, I DO think physical movement is important for one’s health and mobility. You can try all the fad diets and exercises you want, it’s much more satisfying to do something physical that ALSO accomplishes something. I can see that board I replaced and know it’s doing its job because of me; of course, I can also see another board I replaced and not only know the same thing, but know that I’m the one who broke it in the first place. With the tractor bucket.

Not important . . .

Hmmm. How do I explain this? Oh, I know—like getting a tan because you were doing yardwork, weeding, gardening, mowing, whatever, instead of going to a tanning salon. Big difference. During the latter, you’re basically taking a nap.

I think it’s good to get back to basics, but I’m afraid I mean something a bit different than most people.





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