Work Wednesday—Horses!

It’s super-hard to look at that beautiful fence we built and not be horse shopping . . . we haven’t yet heard about when our training visitor is coming; her dad’s been really busy at the café. I’ve been looking on Craigslist and Rollanet and a few other sites, and yesterday a random person texted me about a gelding. He’d gotten my name and number from the guy we bought the trailer from.

And see, that’s the other thing, the trailer . . . so we COULD get a horse. Or two.

And my husband keeps asking if I found one—um, yeah, like 17 of them!

Of course, I keep hearing about wild horse rescues, too . . . so today, I finally jumped on it.

I applied to adopt a wild mare and foal from a range in South Dakota. They’re having terrible hay shortages and may have to euthanize some of the herds or sell to an auction—that’s often code for slaughter.

So I did it. And now we wait.

Lest any of you think I’m completely nuts, since many of you know me from the book industry, I’m not a greenhorn in the horse world.

I got my first saddle on my first Christmas; the pony arrived for my first birthday in March. Before that, as soon as I could sit up, my dad set me on his black gelding, Thunder.

I also had a cart for my pony, Sissy, that could convert to a sleigh for winter. I learned, literally, from the ground up, and one day, when I was about four or five, I wanted to ride and my mom said, “Not now.” So I saddled the pony and took off down the lane . . . a few hundred yards later, the saddle slipped. I hung on for a few minutes, completely upside down, and Mom came to the rescue.

That was only the first of, um, several, accidents.

Since that inauspicious start, I’ve ridden, trained, and showed in Western and English pleasure, speed events, hunter classes, and so forth; I’ve exercised race horses; I’ve taught horsemanship as a master-level CHA certified instructor; I even rode in a few parades, including one where I met Clayton Moore!

Then I had kids.

Couldn’t afford both, so, well, guess I did the right thing . . . 😉



Work Wednesday—More Horses!

No, I’m not getting more horses, but I am getting the two, a mare/foal pair, from South Dakota sometime next week. Which means another project.

And it also means I’m taking a crash course in “All the Things I Used to Know About Horses but Feel Like I Can’t Quite Remember All of Them.”

Last night, I got an email from a Fleet of Angels transporter who said, and I quote, “These are some of the wildest horses I’ve ever seen.” Consequently, I did not sleep well. My brain kept jumping from adoption and hauling issues to arrival to pasture to shed to feeding . . . you get the picture.

At 6:00 a.m., I got a text from another hauler offering to bring mine down here next week. Nothing like an early text to make you jump out of bed—sadly, I’d really just fallen asleep. But at least now I can rest easy on that topic and know that I have about a week to finish getting ready.

Finish, you ask? Why, yes. There’s a lot to do:

My husband is making arrangements for hay delivery and picking up the last few pieces of lumber for the run-in shed—which we’ll be building tomorrow, the walls at least. Then we’ll haul it to the pasture for assembly. On Friday, we’ll pick up the sheet metal on order for the siding and attach that and the roof over the weekend.

Side note: Apparently the cat IS good for something. He just ran up on the front porch with a tiny mouse—or something—in his mouth. No, he is NOT coming inside with that!

I still have a few horsey items to pick up, like feed buckets and a second water trough. I have halters and ropes on order. But we do have to double-check the pastures for holes and any old wood or metal laying around. Wish I’d gotten to that yesterday when the temps were close to 60, but my husband had the Mule tied up with an outside water pump repair and I was working on the fence and putting up a few things for winter.

Guess I’ll have to put on my classy black looks-like-I’m-robbing-a-bank face mask and go outside after all. Which reminds me, I need to order more long underwear . . .

And that brings me to this morning’s conversation of “we need to bring more wood inside for the furnace.”

See, told you my brain is all over the place!