Fan Friday—Planned Parenthood

Good grief. Are women so damn delicate that they are in need of “women’s healthcare” on a constant basis? For myself, I go once a year for the top and once a year for the bottom, to put it in simple terms.

Back in the days of children, of course I’d go for prenatal care, and yes, I’ve had a scare or three when I needed biopsies and a couple additional visits.

Fortunately, nothing came of those biopsies and yes, I always had a car to go where I needed—which was usually no further than 45 minutes away.


Supporters of Planned Parenthood seem to imply that, if there were no PP clinics, ALL WOMEN must walk for days to find a doctor or clinic, and even then they couldn’t afford a visit, and they MUST DO THIS EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

I will not believe that a woman cannot find one single person who could take her to a doctor in her own town or within an hour’s drive.

I certainly will not believe that, in these days of mandated health insurance, that a woman can’t afford to see a doctor—particularly when there is no charge for a Pap smear and annual checkup, including a mammogram. Even so, I’ve been there—with no insurance; you make payments, you get a cash discount, you do what you have to in order to take care of yourself.

Birth control costs money, yes. But in spite of popular belief, having sex isn’t a human right. It’s like going out to a club: if you can afford to, great, have fun. If you can’t, you stay home.

On the other hand, most insurance now covers birth control.

So what’s the argument? Why do we “need” Planned Parenthood?

We do not.

We especially do not need something that was begun with the idea of limiting the births of black babies; we do not need something that takes federal funding to operate, yet goes against the faith and morals of at least half the population.

We do not need to harvest “parts” of humans.

I can imagine the outcry if, let’s say, we had an entity called Planned Puppyhood. They would offer services like distemper and rabies shots at reduced cost, but they’d also euthanize puppies by pulling them apart and selling those parts.

The VERY SAME folks who deem Planned Parenthood a godsend would rise up and burn down those Puppyhood clinics, immediately after rescuing all the puppies.

They’d say the government shouldn’t finance the killing of puppies.

But right now they say, oh, humans. Meh.

You know why, right? Because they don’t believe a fetus is a baby. They consider them unwanted clumps of cells. Inconveniences.

Such utter bullshit.

Besides, they contend that those who oppose abortion only want to preserve the lives of the unborn and don’t care about children in need.

Of course we care about those children after birth—but we also believe that their parents should bear the burden of their needs as well. Not “only,” but “also.” There are umpteen social programs for folks who need help—but they weren’t intended to be a lifestyle, just assistance.

I’ve used that assistance, a couple of times, for six months or so at a stretch. It was assistance, not continuous, not forever, not generational.

Oh, I know some of you will disagree with me. That’s okay. I probably can’t change your mind, but I sure wish I could convince you to think about that Planned Puppyhood and how you’d feel about it.



Fan Friday—Shootings

I was out and about yesterday and happened to check Facebook mid-afternoon, when I saw a post about the Oregon college shooting. There wasn’t much online at that point, but stories trickled in over the rest of the day.

Horrific, yes. Very sad, yes. But the damn gun didn’t fire itself. The crazy dude did it. How did he get a gun? I don’t know. Could someone else, with a gun, have taken him out before he could kill people? I don’t know that either; sometimes, as we see on the news, that happens. I tend to think many who carry would be just as terrified as someone who didn’t, and that, of course, would limit their actions.

But it’s pretty obvious that having a “gun-free zone” doesn’t work very well. Bad guys work around the rules, that’s why they’re called “bad” guys. You go into a bank, you don’t try to rob the place because you’re not a “bad” guy; he’ll go in the bank and try to rob it anyway.

Not like he went to a gun store and bought a gun, although maybe he did. There are loopholes; mistakes are made. Many crimes here in STL, however, are committed with stolen firearms.

That’s ‘cause we have bad guys, everywhere.

I know all the arguments; we’ve all heard them, over and over. I’m okay with hearing a fresh take on an issue, but I’m not okay with skewing statistics to prove a point as in several articles I’ve read recently.

Fact: Killing innocent people is wrong.

I think we can all agree with that.

But for a country in which many citizens believe it’s okay to murder a baby in the womb, why are we surprised when someone thinks it’s okay to shoot people?

Those who believe in abortion don’t think that that a fetus is actually a human being—or, they think the baby’s rights are less than that of the mother, the mother who chose to have sex (please, spare me the stats on rape victims and pregnancy or even failed birth control; the old saying “there’s an exception for every rule” applies across the board).

Look, most people think that sex is great—people think a lot of things are great, but that doesn’t mean we have a “right” to do those things. Even if we do, for every action, in any situation, there’s a consequence:

Get drunk, risk having an accident;

Steal something, risk arrest;

Have sex, you could get pregnant.

All of these things are your choice. THAT is your choice, and your choice extends to fixing the “problem,” but only if it doesn’t infringe on another’s rights.

If you get drunk and have an accident, you pay fines, repairs, living with guilt, possibly prison time. You might be able to alleviate those consequences, but the point is that YOU are paying for your choice. Steal and face arrest, same things apply.

For those who believe abortion is wrong, that it’s killing another human being, the consequence you may face for having sex is pregnancy and parenthood.

For those who think abortion is a good solution, you have a “procedure” and that’s it, one and done. In effect, you have no consequence. But that’s not how things should work, right?

I mean, if you believe it’s okay to kill an innocent child, why are you so adamant that we do away with guns because sometimes someone opens fire on innocent students or bystanders or anyone else?