Work Wednesday—The Goals this Week

Okay, we seriously have a lot of goals here, but the IMMEDIATE ones are to finish cleaning up that damn pile of junk up front that used to be the old house. Most of it is gone, burned, but we’ve added packing boxes and brush to the pile, so it seems it’s never really gone.

But we’re close!

This is what my husband’s been doing the last few days:



Those of you who’ve been here know how crappy it looked to begin with. Here’s a shot of the burn pile, so you can see how much stuff he’s pulled out: IMG_7264[1]

This silly project has been going on for a year now. Ugh. I hate when that happens!

We’re also determined to finish the campsite. The shower parts are on the front deck in a big box, mostly so I could get it out of the house. The hole digger has been attached to the tractor and my husband is going to practice on the corner pasture posts before we go down in the woods.

We also figured out what to do with our old upright freezer from STL, the one that quit working last year.

It’s going camping.


Hey—it shuts, it seals, it’s good for storage! Going to look a little odd, though . . . But at least it won’t serve as a catch-all in the barn! 

We’ve also been cleaning out said barn. Now, I know you’re going to say, gee, didn’t they do that already? A couple times?

Well, yes, we did. See, I go in there and I put away the hand tools in one spot, the power tools in another, the electric/battery ones in their places, all the fuel cans together, and pick up the trash.

Then my husband has a project . . .

‘Nuff, said, amiright?

We did make room for the exercise equipment—I know, I know. MORE EXERCISE??

Well, yes. Some things, like knee therapy for instance, are more effective with a weight bench. My husband even power-washed all of it, now we’ll see how often it actually get used . . .