I really like that word.

So today, I’m going to recap a few things.

First, you can purchase your own copy of REDUCED in many different ways:

Through my website – bonus, you get a SIGNED copy!

Through our bookstore website – bonus again, SIGNED copy!

Via our bookstore itself and, yep, SIGNED copy!

Plus, our Facebook page has a store and, one more time, SIGNED copy!

And yes, REDUCED is available on Amazon, both paperback and Kindle, and at Barnes and Noble (although you have to click on the link here, because for some reason it’s not searchable on their site).

Have enough choices? Good! The next thing is, of course, to read REDUCED. And then, if you would, give it a few stars (or five!) and write a quick review. Simple. You can post the review on Amazon or on Goodreads, either or both!

Besides all that, there’s a giveaway of REDUCED on Goodreads – but it ends September 30! See the sidebar here on my blog to enter.

Now, for up and coming news: REUSED, the second book, is well on it’s way and will be available in DECEMBER! Tell everyone to hurry up and read REDUCED, so they’re ready for it….