So It’s a New Year

Yeah, yeah, everyone starts off the new year with a blog post, right? And are all gung-ho for a few weeks, or maybe a couple months. Then phhhhhhht. Nothing.

Okay, guess what? Me too! Pick me!

I saw my stats from last year. I was feeling pretty proud of myself at 3200 hits. Well, until a couple friends mentioned that they’d had 13,000. Hits. On blogs. Sheesh, how lame am I?

So really, this is it – a new year, new blogging for me! Be sure to follow me, or sign up, or whatever it is that WordPress asks you to do. Because you like me. Or because you like what I say. Or whatever.

Because THIS YEAR I’m going to blog regularly – I promise! Well, at least for a few weeks or so….