On Saturday, I headed down for an old camp staff reunion. Yes, some of the same people who inspired REDUCED were there with me…and, just before I left, I realized that the county park where we were staying is one that Abby passed through during one of her scouting missions!

Yep, traveling north to set up a base camp for her and Janey’s trip into St. Louis, Abby crossed the Meramec less than a mile from our campsite.

It was a beautiful night, full moon, no breeze, clear sky. Perfect campfire weather. Then we heard the choppers – for real! And a lot of BOOMs, for about thirty minutes or so. I have to admit, it was a little creepy…talk about being in the story and feeling the characters!

Thankfully, my son waited until the next morning, daylight, right before we packed up to leave to send me the following texts:

“Some people in suits came and questioned us about your book.”

“We told them we didn’t know you.”

“You may want to stay there for a little while.”

“There goes the black SUV again.”

“Third time already.”

Such a kidder! I think….