Coming soon, LILY—a novel by Conny Manero!



Subjected to her mother’s punitive control. Belittled and ignored by her family, denied an education, the little girl struggles to be somebody.


Always playing second fiddle. She escapes through marriage; the dashing Edward is her dream come true. And then the lies begin.


Dragged across two continents, her life begins to unravel. Her marriage in jeopardy, her son threatened, Lily must reach deep inside herself to discover her greatest strength.

From Belgium to South Africa, Lily’s story will touch you. The raw emotion of this fictional account, the glimpse inside a girl becoming a woman, facing danger and deceit, will embrace your heart.

Introducing: DEBBIE!


Here it is, folks! Rocking Horse Publishing’s newest book, Debbie, written by Conny Manero and illustrated by Nancy Matson.

Our official launch is March 30, but we’ll start taking pre-0rders later today – plus, you’ll be able to get official DEBBIE merchandise! Check back on our website later this afternoon to learn all about DEBBIE!