REUSED – the Cover

Making its debut, here’s a sneak peek at the cover of REUSED. I’d sure appreciate some feedback!



Rocking Horse Publishing

It occured to me that I hadn’t mentioned our publishing branch lately, so let me update you a bit on that aspect of our bookstore:

RHP is a division of All on the Same Page Bookstore; you can reach our page through the store website. We are accepting manuscripts as of RIGHT NOW, and we’ve selected our first one to be published in 2013. However, I’m not going to announce it until the contracts are signed….

We are requesting an entire manuscript, accompanied of course by a blurb. The ms will be read by at least two individuals. There may be some changes we request before acceptance, but an author is free to make those changes or withdraw the manuscript. We really aren’t unreasonable, but sometimes things need to be fixed. This process takes about two weeks, or a bit longer given the time of year.

Once that is done, the author will receive an email detailing a potential contract. If all the points are agreeable, and authors may certainly request changes, a contract will follow. This part takes approximately three weeks, depending on how much back-and-forth is needed to agree to terms.

Finally, the manuscript (with changes made by the author) is sent to editing. Editing could take several more weeks, based on the schedule of the editor. After that’s completed, the manuscript will be sent back to the author for final approval. During the time, the author and RHP will collaborate on the cover design.

The estimated time from submission to publication could be as short as two months, or perhaps three to four. Most likely, our first book of 2013 will be available in February in both e-format and paperback.

We do want to stress, again, that we do NOT charge our authors. We handle editing, cover design, formatting, printing, and marketing/sales. Authors receive royalties, and are NOT required to purchase a particular number of their own books. Period.

So there you have it: RHP.

Drop us a line…or a manuscript!