I met Paul Hennrich a year or so ago, when I went to speak to the SEMO Writers’ Group in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He gave me a copy of his first novel, Definitions, and I was absolutely hooked on the story: a “retired” DEA agent, Kent Baker, is hanging around St. Louis and trouble just seems to find him—trouble as in murder and mayhem.

So when Paul mentioned that he’d like RHP to publish the next book in this suspense series, I jumped on it—and here it is, Scavengers, with the return of Kent Baker.


Kent Baker once again finds himself chasing the criminal element and rescuing the good guys, this time heading into Illinois farm country. His buddy Kevin’s grandmother has met an untimely end in a pigsty, and Kent takes a road trip to check into the situation.

What he finds there leads to a classmate reunion of sorts, a couple of knife fights, and a trip to UMSL. Oh, and a few altercations here and there. All in a day’s work for a semi-retired, perhaps on a leave of absence, certainly almost washed up and burnt out DEA agent.

And here’s a little about Paul:

Paul Hennrich was born and raised in the rolling farmlands of Southern Illinois, the same as Kent Baker, the protagonist of his mystery/suspense novels. He eventually married and settled in Southeast Missouri, first in Cape Girardeau and then in Jackson where he now resides. He and his wife are the proud parents of a daughter and a son, and grandparents to three grandchildren, all of whom are puzzle pieces of a large, extended family. He wrote his first short story in the third grade and has been forever grateful to his young teacher who took the time to read it to the entire class, even the part about a head rolling down the stairs. That story and his classmates’ reactions to it started him on is love affair with writing.

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