Work Wednesday—The Neverending Projects

So my husband got his pond cutter thingy and started cutting all the water lilies and dragging them to shore. And he spent a fair amount of time cutting up the giant tree and hauling logs to the pile behind the house that we’ll use this winter in our wood furnace.


And then he hurt his back.

Oh, not too seriously, but he was out for the count last Friday and Saturday, and I suspect he overdid it a bit early this week when he went back to the pond for a while before the temps zoomed  into the 90s.

But he’s fine. Just ask him.

The garden is winding down; I’m still getting a few tomatoes and the pepper plants are alive, but I don’t think those melons are ever going to do anything besides show us some pretty yellow flowers. My stepmom suggested we carve them for Halloween. Ha. Probably take that long.

Of course, the asparagus and strawberries are permanent beds, and the garlic still has a few months to go. The second round of garlic will go into the ground in late fall.

But the rest is kaput. Let the cleanup commence!

So I’m planning for next year already . . .

We’ve ordered a small, inexpensive greenhouse to see how well it works this winter. We’ll decide next spring if it’s worth it and whether or not to expand that. The fence, however, will be expanded to include the greenhouse and about half again as much space as we have now.

We’re still debating on whether or not to call the plow guy or just rent one for a day. Probably no point in buying still more tractor implements.

More building projects are on paper: the picnic area, dock, and kitchen shelter (still!). And of course, the rest of the fencing, pasture and perimeter. We still won’t know about purchasing the extra ten acres until sometime next month.

Right now, though, I’m sweating buckets just from giving some minor assistance with the rest of the patio furniture. That ol’ Weather Channel was showing temps in the 70s coming up, until it changed its mind and gave us more 90s.

Bad Weather Channel, bad!



Work Wednesday—Wrapping it Up

Things have gotten a bit out of control around here lately. With that lovely spell of steamy weather and miserable heat indices, no one has felt much like working around the farm.

There are, of course, the daily chores and general upkeep, but projects take a backseat when it’s this hot.

However, we’re currently having a taste of fall, the weather is awesomely perfect, and I made a list.

This always slightly terrifies my husband. The only thing worse is when I say, “Hey, I have an idea!”

So, we still have bathroom trim to finish putting up/back, and the lean-to door absolutely MUST have those shims removed—I’ve stabbed myself more than once while doing laundry.


We caved on the tub plumbing installation and the local plumber is scheduled to come out next week.


All the parts for the outdoor shower are actually at the campsite, but I’ll need to climb at least one tree to finish it up. The shelter itself has been put off once again, until we can actually count on consistently cooler weather.

We put in some fencing a few weeks ago, and the rest of that is also waiting on fall—and whether or not the neighbor next door is willing to sell. He’s still thinking. But he did come to visit last week; it was his first time seeing the place.

Pasture fencing goes along with that, even though it’ll be rail and not barbed wire, as well as the sliding doors in the bedroom.

And I’m not above bribery:

I told my husband that if we finished up all the little things, we could start work on the pond area. Currently, we have two boats down there and a firepit. We’ll be adding a small dock, a beach area, a picnic table, and a small shelter.

First step, of course, is clearing all the junk trees and brush. That, naturally, will require more burning.

And he’s all about those giant bonfires . . .