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Rocking Horse Publishing Releases 3 Books, Rocking the Fiction World

Rocking Horse Publishing, based in St. Louis, Missouri, announces three enticing new releases.

The Descending Darkness

Seventeen-year-old Shadow hits rock bottom after transforming from demon hunter to babysitter for super-powered teenagers. A loner, Shadow is unsure how to deal with teens. The other problem? He needs to enlist their help to defeat his foe Maedara, the Queen of Evil, who is trying to take over the world. With a potential apocalypse near, Shadow needs to ensure his team survives it and that he saves the world.

Author Michael Chulsky grew up in New Jersey and has been writing ever since his fourth-grade teacher let him create a class newspaper to channel his creativity. He currently lives with his fiancé, and when not writing he enjoys listening to music and devouring every piece of cheesecake that falls into his line of sight.

ISBN: 0989568563   ISBN-13: 978-0-9895685-2   Paperback: $13.95  Kindle: $3.99

Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories

The ghosts, banshees, and shadows of St. Louis, Missouri and its surrounding river towns unite in this spine-tingling anthology. Stories from over thirty authors across the globe are featured in this collection of dark tales of the dead and disturbed. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these stories of haunts and the supernatural are sure to have you staying up late at night, terrified.

The stirring collection is edited by Robin Tidwell and Shannon Yarbrough. Contributing authors include Kenneth Cain, Malcolm R. Campbell, J.K. Dark, Garald Dlubala, Pat Dorsey, Ed Farber, John Kujawski, Rebecca Lacy, M.J. Logan, Conny Manero, Schevus Osborne, Jacqueline Seewald, and Rose Shomaker.

ISBN: 0989568598   ISBN-13: 978-098956859-3  Paperback: $13.95  Kindle: $3.99 Coming Soon!


Blend Frankenstein with legendary poet Emily Dickinson, and you begin understanding this fictional read. In the 1800s, at the encouragement of a close friend, Emily started writing poetry. As her loved ones began dying around her, Emily became a recluse, locking herself in her room for fear of death. Was she writing poetry? No, she was giving life back to the dead! Emily decides to build a “Second Life” apparatus that will give life back to small creatures. When her dearest friend passes away, Emily’s battle between science and spirituality begins, threatening to change her life forever!

Author Shannon Yarbrough is originally from the small town of Dyersburg, Tennessee. Since 2001, he has been living in St. Louis, Missouri. He self-published his first book in 2003. In 2007, he published Stealing Wishes and it was a semi-finalist in the first Amazon.com ABNA contest. He enjoys gardening and cooking. He lives with his partner of ten years, and their three dogs, and two cats.

ISBN: 098956858X   ISBN-13: 978-098956858-6  Paperback: $13.95  Kindle: $3.99 Coming Soon!

Dickinstein, Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories, and The Descending Darkness are available at http://www.rockinghorsepublishing.com/store.html and retailers everywhere.


Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories


A few months ago, our cover designer came up with an awesome book cover – sadly, it didn’t quite fit with our upcoming title, but then he had a lightbulb moment: let’s do a ghost story anthology!

So we put out the call for local ghost stories and got quite a response – well over 50 submissions during the two-month period. We couldn’t accept them all, but ended up with more than 30 finalists. And next week, we’ll be presenting Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories!

They’re creepy and they’re kooky; they’re mysterious and spooky; they’re altogether ooky. Oh, wait . . . that’s the Addams family. Never mind. But you get my point, yes? We’ve got some really cool stories here, things that make you go “huh?” and ones that make you jump up and turn on all the lights. All of them. And make you lock your doors. And keep looking over your shoulder. And avoiding closets. And highways.

You can pre-order now, through RHP, and the books will be available in print and E-versions – Kindle, Kobo, and Nook – in the next couple weeks.

Many thanks to all our authors, you did a great job!

Pablo Baum

Larry D Brown

Kenneth Cain

Malcolm Campbell

Janet Cannon

Shenoa Carroll-Bradd

Kathryn Cureton

J.K. Dark

Gerald Dlubala

Pat Dorsey

Ed Farber

Nathan Feuerberg

Robert Holtgrewe

C.V. Hunt

Wendy Klein

John Kujawski

Rebecca Lacy

M J Logan

Conny Manero

Sean McLachlan

Schevus Osborne

Caryn Pine

Anastasia Robinson

J.T. Seate

Jacqueline Seewald

Rose Shomaker

Tommy Smith

Curtis Thomas

Donna Volkenannt

Anna Roberts Wells

Dacia Wilkinson