RHP—New Stuff

Yes, stuff. I used up all my big girl words over the weekend, so you’re stuck with “stuff.”

First big announcement:

The Reduced Series is undergoing a makeover in anticipation of the release of book four: Repeat.


Second big announcement:

Debbie, by Conny Manero, is ALSO getting a makeover and will be reformatted into a 5.25 X 8 book, more appropriate for middle graders.


Third big announcement:

INNspiring Breakfasts will be offered at a lower price—just $19.95!


Also—Conny Manero has a new novel coming out this month: Lily. Stay tuned for this, and another children’s book from RHP, Never Nurse a Grudge by Charles M. Gearhart!



Thought I’d take a moment here to show you all of our RHP books:


INNspiring Breakfasts – official release June 1, available for pre-order NOW!


Our children’s book, DEBBIE, available online and in bookstores, or direct from RHP.

SevenDirtyWords_PurpleSample2 (4)

Contemporay romance, SEVEN DIRTY WORDS.

BookCoverPreview (3)

REUSED, sequel to REDUCED, available online and in stores.

BookCoverPreview - Copy

REDUCED, dystopian fiction for grown-ups! Available everywhere.

All of our books are published simultaneously in paperback and all E-formats: Kindle, Kobo, Nook.