I signed REDUCED up for the KDP program; I give Amazon a 90-day exclusive on Kindle (as opposed to other e-books/readers), and I have five days to promote REDUCED as a freebie. Freebies can be good – theoretically, people will download the book and write glowing reviews – and then MORE people will buy your book!

Now, I’m new to this so I can’t say absolutely that it works like it’s intended, or even, really, that it works at all. I have about 15 reviews on Amazon, in a month’s time, and one (maybe two?) is a result of the first free promo I did the beginning of September. Hard to say.

I’ve heard, from two authors at least, of free Kindle downloads in the tens of thousands for just one weekend. Sadly, I haven’t experienced that myself.

My first promo was a 24-hour deal; I had just over 500 downloads. As I said, I may have gotten one or two reviews from that. I saw absolutely zero spike in sales afterwards which, several authors assured me, would happen.

The second promo just finished – over a three day period, there were just over 200 downloads. No reviews yet, of course, it just ended last night! But I’ll be watching to see if this precipitates any sales.

Yes, I’m a little disappointed. And I doubt I’ll continue my KDP exclusive beyond the 90 days, but mainly because I want to expand the e-book format into Nook, Kobo, and others. But, more than likely, REUSED will also have its trial run at KDP.

At any rate, REDUCED is doing well in the sales department, paperbacks continue to sell, e-books are slow but steady. I certainly haven’t given up!