Fan Friday—REPEAT


The dark clouds came from the west, boiling and black. The wind whipped across the land, shoving aside everything in its path, everything that wasn’t secure. The man behind that wind, responsible for the coming storm, figuratively if not literally, was safely ensconced behind his walls as he watched the clouds move east.

Unbreachable walls, impenetrable, and this time he would succeed. He laughed wryly at his own wit, comparing himself to every supervillain ever conceived, fictional or otherwise, because he knew without a doubt that he was the best. Indeed, he was the only one of the original plotters still alive, thanks to his planning and foresight and, of course, his intelligence. And VADER. Credit where credit is due, he supposed.

He shrugged. Too bad, really, that so many had died. Yes. Terrible. But it had made his plans so much easier to execute. And now, when they all least expected it, there was one more move to make.

Just one.





Work Wednesday—A Different Kind of Work

So for the past year I’ve been regaling you with home improvement tales, farm improvement tales, and the horrors of yet another move. Okay, so this one has been fine, just long and drawn out.

Not like the move from Texas to Missouri, say, that took two full days for a normally ten-hour trip . . .

Starting next week, we’ll be fulltime farmers.

Just a few projects lined up:

Seeding the pasture;

Tilling up the garden, about four times the size of last year;

Fencing both of these;

Planting the garden;

Completing the perimeter fencing.

And of course, all the unpacking after the final push. Which is in five days.

Phht. This is nothing. Our second move was discovered at lunch one day, and our deadline for arrival was in two weeks. That was over 1000 miles. Two young kids and I was expecting #3. The third move was shorter, just a couple hours or so away, but with all three kids and living in hotels for five weeks—while my husband worked nights.

As moves go, this one is almost finished. Probably 80% done, but of course not including shutting off utilities and changing addresses all over the place, etc., etc.

See, the kid has an apartment starting the end of the week, and while I’m okay with staying here a couple more weeks or so, it occurred to me that I will have no place to sit in the living room and a lot of my kitchen utensils and dishes will be going with him.

Hmmm. May as well move, right?

Of course, we’ll be making trips back to STL; it’s only about 100 miles. You know, for important things like the kid’s graduation . . . 😉