Fan Friday—Guns and Rapists

I just wanted to add a few things to my last two posts:

Regarding “mass shootings” which, in case you didn’t know, include those in which at least three people have been shot. I happen to disagree that this would be “mass” in any sense of the actual meaning of that word, but that’s a moot point. No one has asked me.

I read today that the US, of course, leads the world in “mass shootings,” some number around 78 in the last several decades. Or so. Really depends on what you read. During this same period, Germany has had 41. The “rest of the countries,” which aren’t specified, had a combined total of 41.

Please don’t say, “Yes, but any death is wrong!” Of course it is. No one would disagree. So it’s a pointless argument. And please don’t say “one death is NOT pointless.” You’re just digging a hole.

What I’m getting at is this:

The US population is four times that of Germany; five times that of the UK and France; nine times that of Canada; and 13 times that of Australia.

Right there, that says that many more unstable people in the US than almost anywhere else. Remember the bell curve, kids . . . it applies to batshit crazy just like it does any other characteristic.

I’m quite sure there are many reasons the US has more gun violence—but also quite sure that more legislation isn’t the answer.

The Feds investigated Mateen THREE times; at least one time, they closed the investigation because he said his coworkers were picking on him because of his religion.

Ahem. Think about that for a moment. Kind of like asking a bank robber if he stole the safe and, when he says no, letting him out of the cell.

PC run amok. Very amok.

Regarding ol’ Brock the rapist and his dear mum:

Carleen Turner did write a letter to the judge; it was released, with other documents, earlier this week. She basically sobbed about her little boy and how sweet he was and how this whole debacle had simply just RUINED their lives! Not a single mention of his culpability. Not one word about his victim.

Poor, poor Brock.


And asshole parents.

Really, I get that it might be hard to believe your child could do something so truly awful, but this—grow up, lady. Be a freakin’ parent. Be an adult.

I have zero sympathy for her. None. Parents who believe their little angels can do no wrong, regardless of evidence to the contrary, deserve what they get.

See, here’s the thing:

Carleen, you say Brock was never in trouble, ever. I call bullshit. Either you didn’t know or you chose to ignore it. And/or, you excused it.

The problem, of course, is that we all get it—we all get slammed with all the Brocks when they’re foisted on society.



Fan Friday—Brock the Rapist

Oh, yes, I’m going there. Along with everyone else.

But here’s my question:

What about his mother? We haven’t heard a peep. Dad, yes; what an ass. But where’s Mom in all this? I think I might know something about that. Read on:

Dear Carleen—

I know this is your baby boy. And I know it’s hard. I’ve been there, in a way.

Welcome to reality.

As parents, we all like to think our kids are special or outstanding, and many of them are, in the eyes of the world as well as in our own. But our kids aren’t extensions of us, they are their own individuals. They will do what they’ve been taught, or sometimes they’ll do the opposite.

In your case, however, having read your husband’s statement, it sounds an awful like Brock was taught how to be a douche.

I didn’t teach my kid to be the way he is—you see, my son is a felon too. He was in trouble a lot, some of it legal trouble, before that felony was committed. And he always got off with a slap on the wrist. When he was finally taken down to juvie, I told the judge, when asked, that I couldn’t make the decision for my son to stay or to come home.

This was my boy, but he was violent and unpredictable and it was frightening. I didn’t know how else to answer the question, I just wanted my boy back, the real one, the one who was funny and sarcastic and had a lot of plans for his life.

So the judge sentenced him to three weeks. I doubt he has ever forgiven me for that. He was in and out of a few county jails before the “big one,” always just a slap on the wrist for misdemeanors, and then finally, it happened.

Felony charges and prison time. He was sentenced to four years for breaking a glass door at closed service station. Four years. He was out in a few months, forever changed and unable to do many things a non-convicted person is allowed to do.

Am I happy about that? Of course not! But this was something HE did, not me. If I could change it, I would, but this was the result of HIS choices. No one wants her son to be a felon.

I’ve never been the kind of mother who thinks her child is always innocent, and I know my kids are better adults because of that. If my kids were/are wronged, I’ll be the first one raising hell; but first, I’ll check the facts. I’m good at that.

I feel horrible about my son. I wish it wasn’t like this. I’m sure you feel the same.

But there’s a big difference between feeling and action. Your husband—I can barely manage to get the words out, but his letter was just SO MUCH BULLSHIT. And you, you haven’t refuted a thing, you haven’t commented on that at all. Or, for that matter, on any of this.

I just can’t help but think maybe, just maybe, you’re seeing your husband for the ass that he is and that you’re making plans to dump him. Because really, Carleen, what self-respecting person would allow another to speak for her in such a way? No, this isn’t because you’re a woman—I get all that “stand by your man” stuff, but this is just plain wrong.

Your son was wrong. You can still love him. You can still support him and try to help him, even knowing what he did. But to allow someone else, husband, father, whoever, to say that your poor boy has no appetite for snacks is just complete lunacy. To allow the phrase “20 minutes of action” to describe a violent and brutal rape, spoken or written by your partner, without comment, is simply sick.

Maybe you’re undergoing treatment and went away somewhere. I don’t know. No one seems to know. But I think I can speak for nearly everyone and say that unless you step up and speak up and distance yourself from this ass you’re married to, you’ll be forever painted with the same brush:

An absolutely terrible human being with no thought for that poor girl at all—a selfish person, with only a thought for the perpetrator of the crime, your son.


A Mom