Work Wednesday—The Boring Part

Well, it’s not exactly boring for me because I’m super-organized and I have a plan, but the next few weeks might be a little yawn inducing here on the ol’ blog.

That’s because, one, I do have a business to run and so I spend a lot of time working at my desk; and two, pictures of our current house cannot be posted until it’s market-ready, or potential buyers would be running for the hills.

Unless, of course, they’re used to seeing moving messes. Based on some of the home shows I’ve seen, they aren’t even used to changing a room’s paint color.

But I digress.

Besides working, I’ve also gotten to spend some time with the kid and make sure he at least eats a vegetable or two, and we’ve hung out a bit, watching anime series.

Also, I’ve packed up a few boxes throughout the house and emptied four more bookshelves. The older kid is coming by to get those, and a few other pieces of furniture. Hopefully today.

And, I cleaned up the garage. I’d like to say “cleaned out,” but that’s not happening for a while. However, once that aforementioned furniture is gone, including the pool table, we’ll have more room to work. This week, we’ll be moving everything else out there that’s packed.

The house here in STL is starting to look a little bare, but I figured we spend close to half our time at the farm, so why not?

The tricky question is when to move the winter clothes? It’s snowing as I speak. Er, type.

My husband, lucky man, spent a few days at the farm this last week. Out of necessity, because of the bone-chilling cold coupled with a lack of central heat in the house. Freezing pipes could be very, very bad.

Besides babysitting the well pump, he also had a project:


Yes, folks, the outhouse will be ready for the annual campout, never fear!




Work Wednesday—Not Really Taking a Break

Due to certain, er, issues, we’re stepping up our game a bit.

Let the move begin!

Ha—this is the second house I’ve lived in that I’ve stated, vehemently, that I’M NOT MOVING AGAIN. NOT.

Ah, well. Things change, right?

And for those wondering about all the actual work posts, well, school started and so our schedule changed. We can only work at the farm on the weekends now, which gives us approximately 50 days to finish the prep before we fully make the move. That’s not counting “snow” days when we can’t travel down there.

Remember last winter? We bought the place sight-unseen because we couldn’t get to it and were afraid someone else would snap it up. So, there’s that . . .

As we reviewed our leave-in-a-hurry plan the other day, I realized that sure, we’d get out of the metro area with our lives, our pets, and most necessary items, but what about other needed things and, too, some sentimental pieces?

So that’s where we sit: packing.

Yes, most of my friends and family think I’m nuts. It’s always a possibility. But what we’re packing are things that we don’t need between now and spring, but are nice to have around, and the things that I want to keep but, if the leave-in-a-hurry plan is implemented, probably won’t be able to.

Think about this for a moment. At best, leaving your possessions behind may cause sorrow and regret after the fact, days or weeks later; at worst, the idea of doing this is a distraction while you’re in the midst of LIAH.

Not everyone will have this problem, of course. Right now, though, I’m in my office looking at the manual typewriter my grandmother used in 1930, and the rocking chair that my great-grandmother used to put babies to sleep since 1915. What can I say? These things are important to me.

Just because we’re going to live in a cabin in the woods doesn’t mean it’s only going to be furnished with sticks and rocks.

And now, I’m off to make a fashionable tinfoil hat . . .