I read an article this morning; well, really, the comments section of an article. Someone was complaining that there were no “good” television stations available in a particular hospital, for the patients OR the visitors.


Now, some folks in hospitals are too miserable to do anything except stare at the TV. I get that. But there are a lot of other things one could do, if so inclined: read, work or play on a computer, get a deck of cards, talk to visitors.

And seriously, if my visitors complained about the lack of TV programming while they were visiting me…um, does anyone else see the problem here?

When did TV channels become an entitlement? I’ve heard, over the years, about various towns and cities trying to make sure that “everyone” has cable or access to such – same with Internet service. Why? Isn’t that a perk? An extra? Something we can have if we can pay for it?

Or, if it’s not available where you live, move. Can’t move? Sorry, you have to do without. I really am sorry – but cable and certain channels aren’t in the Bill of Rights.

Geez. No wonder some people think they should have everything for free.