Call for Guest Posters

No, not posters to hang in the guest room – I’m just extending an invitation to any writers who might like to post a blurb/blog or two over the next few weeks. Since my blog is, after all, called Robin Writes, I’m looking for advice, suggestions, how-tos, and so forth for writers: anything to do with writing!

And here’s a twist – any readers out there who might like to comment/suggest/rant about authors or books? Feel free to jump in on this! I won’t allow personal bashing, however; I’m thinking more along the lines of “I don’t like it when writers _______” or “I LOVE when writers _______.” It’s okay to say you didn’t like a book or an author’s particular style or mechanics, but no name-calling.

You can shoot me an email at with your topic and the date(s) you’d like to appear – I do reserve the right to edit, but will certainly make no claim on your content: it’s all yours, you’re just loaning it to me. As for the dates, I’ll publish these on Thursdays and start with December 27.


Adventures in SP#9 – Sales

Shhh – no one ever talks about sales figures!

At least, best I can figure out – unless they’re phenomenal, of course! But I’m doing okay, really. Sure, I ordered some myself, but didn’t go overboard. I know some authors who ordered 1000 of their own books. Yes, THOUSAND. Or even some who paid $10,000 for copies, and that’s a LOT of copies. What the heck do they do with them all?

Most self-published books sell fewer than 100 copies. Yep, it’s true. Family, friends, an occasional stranger. I’ve been lucky. And I own a bookstore. But I still didn’t go overboard.

So how do you sell your books? Promote, promote, promote. Just like in the last few posts here, paste that puppy everywhere you can do so. (No doubt some of you who are reading this are thinking, “Sheesh, enough already, we’re sick of seeing that damn book!”) That’s okay. So far, no one has accused me of spamming – I’m trying not to overload any one site or blog or email list.

Besides the online stuff, you have to put yourself out there. Call, visit, email bookstores, cafes, bars, clubs, any venue  you can think of that might have a table for you. Heck, park yourself at Starbucks with your laptop and a stack of your books! I always recommend that authors carry around a box of their books in the trunk of their cars – you never know when a conversation might turn your book and BINGO! You have a sale!

I know one author who not only carts around a box of books, but a table, table covering, and stand-up posters. She sets up at malls, street fairs, wherever there are a lot of people. Be creative!

It’s not enough to sell books – you have to get people to read and review them. Talk up your book, get people excited! Yes, I know it’s the opposite of a solitary writer persona, but try to stretch yourself a little. Give away a few copies in exchange for a review or leave one at your local bookstore. You might have to go with a consignment deal, but that’s not so bad: you make a couple bucks and get more exposure. And exposure is good, at least in the case of selling books!