Writer Wednesday—Rocking Horse Publishing

I wanted to take a moment here and let you all know what RHP has in store for readers in 2015:

First up, Katie Lea Yates’ The Prior, sequel to this year’s The Provider. We kind of left everyone hanging, so here’s your chance to find out what happened to Kenzie—and David. Or Kenzie-and-David. You don’t want to miss this launch!

Also in January, a new novel by Edward Farber, Elixir of the Incas, and of course, our new division, Harness Anthologies, will be releasing Winter Solstice!

February brings Game Changer, by Chris Bostic, author of the amazing Fugitives from Northwoods and Rebellion in Northwoods.

That’s your sneak peek for now—but there are a lot of books on the rest of the 2015 schedule!

P.S.—Beginning today, REDUCED will go on sale permanently at just 99 cents!