Fan Friday—What’s Happening with REPEAT?

Okay, okay, I’ll talk about the elephant in the room—REPEAT!

REPEAT-1 (4)

Yes, it’s coming, this winter . . . I promise! In the next few weeks, I’ll narrow it down a bit more. The problem is that I’ve been a little distracted . . .

First, as you know, we’ve been remodeling and re-everything-ing our new farm in preparation for moving in the spring. What a project!

Second, I do have a business to run, and lots of time is spent on the Guild, plus the Creve Coeur Days board is gearing up again for next June . . . and the kid is a senior in high school! Holy cow . . .

Third, I’ve been working on a new WIP: Turtle Stampede.

And all I’m going to say about that is it’s a doozy! [insert maniacal laugh] Think Sharknado . . .

All that said, most of you know I’m a panster, not a planner, but I also don’t believe that a “real” writer has to write every day. Although I usually do.

I’m certainly not one for setting the alarm clock for 4:00 a.m. just so I can write—good grief, it would look like this:

HHJC jkljcm ajdhfja L:l;jfalj

So, no.

I have to feel it, be in the moment, be inspired. And yes, sometimes that occurs at the most awkward time. 😉

At any rate, just so you know, REPEAT is coming!

And here’s the opener:

The dark clouds came from the west, boiling and black. The wind whipped across the land, shoving aside everything in its path, everything that wasn’t secure. The man behind that wind, responsible for the coming storm, figuratively if not literally, was safely ensconced behind his walls as he watched the clouds move east.

Unbreachable walls, impenetrable, and this time he would succeed. He laughed wryly at his own wit, comparing himself to every supervillain ever conceived, fictional or otherwise, because he knew without a doubt that he was the best. Indeed, he was the only one of the original plotters still alive, thanks to his planning and foresight and, of course, his intelligence. And VADER. Credit where credit is due, he supposed.

He shrugged. Too bad, really, that so many had died. Yes. Terrible. But it had made his plans so much easier to execute. And now, when they all least expected it, there was one more move to make.

Just one.





Fan Friday—Repeat Repeat

Too redundant?

I know, I know, it’s been two weeks since I said “next week,” but you should understand by now that I’m often usually always running behind . . . J

So, Abby and Emmy are still at the camp, and David and Jules and EJ are going west, with just a bit of a delay. Seems that Abby’s reputation has spread . . . not to mention Jules’. Alison and Brad are dealing with teenage angst with their daughter Zoe; she and Millie and Paul are inseparable—and plotting, of course!

You’ll meet some new characters, like Billy and his gang of would-be hardasses, and a few others. Naturally, we’ll have to go back to Chicago, as well as DC.

And finally, you’ll discover who’s behind VADER. And why.

So, now’s your chance: subplot? New character?

Oh, and one more thing: since I don’t quite have the cover finished, here’s the photo for the background.


Let the countdown begin!