RHP—Bogeyman 101

Calling all middle-graders! Here is your definitive guide to the monster under your bed—or in your closet!


Shh! The bogeyman is here! You’d run if you could, but you can’t. You’re curled into a ball, hiding under the covers. Should you scream? Faint? Hold your breath and pretend to be dead?


Take a peek at the creature. Does he have one head or thirteen? Is he as tall as a tree? Does he have flippers pointing the wrong way?

Grab your copy of Bogeyman 101 and burrow back under the covers. Click on your flashlight. Flip to the chapter that describes the monster. Find his weaknesses and fight back!

Written by Karen Hokanson Miller, author of Monsters and Water Beasts, this is a handy book to keep on your nightstand. Just in case . . .

And you can get it here, at Rocking Horse Publishing, or in bookstores everywhere!