Fan Friday—Abortion

Yes, I’m going there, because the whole “issue” pisses me off no end. Otherwise intelligent women are blah, blah, blah-ing about “my body, my choice.”

Yep, your choice. To be made BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX. Yes, birth control can fail—abstinence will never fail. Very, very few women, relatively speaking, become pregnant from rape or incest. Not that it can’t happen, but statistically, it’s rare.

Even so, why should an innocent child suffer? Why compound the crime of rape or incest with murder?

Oh, wait—you say it’s just a clump of cells? A “fetus.”

Do you even know what that word means?

From Webster: a human being or animal in the later stages of development before it is born; a developing human.

It’s so not like removing a part of your own body, a tumor, a mole, whatever. It’s a removing a LIFE.

Sex is fun, enjoyable, a blast, whatever you want to call it—but it is NOT a right. You are not entitled to have sex. Period.

It’s a risk you take that you may end up pregnant—assuming you are a woman having sex with a man. It’s a FACT, people. There’s a chance, no matter how remote. So act accordingly. Like a responsible adult, instead of with a whiny me, me, me attitude.

Here’s another fun fact: Roe vs. Wade was a farce. The girl claimed she was raped. BAM! Abortion on demand. Guess what? She wasn’t. She later retracted the whole story. You have an entire country applauding abortion because one woman said she was raped. And was not. Let that sink in.

And no, I won’t stop. I won’t say, “Well, *I* won’t have one, but if you do, it’s okay.”

It’s not okay. It’s not.

Many of you sob over lost and abandoned and abused puppies and kittens. WTF? Are human babies less valuable? Geez, get your head examined.

As for that bullshit about “Republicans want to save babies, but not feed them,” you are full of it. Republicans do NOT want children to starve or live in poverty, but they DO want their own freakin’ parents to step up and take care of those children.

Unfortunately, you can’t legislate people into being adults, just like you can’t legislate people into being smart.

Case. In. Point.


Work Wednesday—Still Fencing!

Yep, still putting those pines in the ground—but we’ve turned a corner. Ha. Literally. Working now on the north end, which should go more quickly since A) it’s shorter in length and B) my husband put a new whatchamacallit on the end of the auger.

004 005

Hoping to be all finished by the end of the month, or shortly thereafter. Depends on how often I can get out there to help him, now that things are heating up in the book world, among other things.

Definitely want this finished! Besides our short-term visitor, Chestnut, I kind of found a little black filly for sale, AQHA. Her name is Midnight . . .

Basically, I have to stop looking at horses for the time being—after all, I still don’t have a trailer to get her here. Um, I mean, ANY horse. Eventually. Hmmm.

And trailers seem to be hard to find. Seriously. The kind we want, anyway, which is a good used 2-horse. As much as I drool over those rigs with dressing rooms—who am I kidding? They come with fancy living quarters and slide-outs and all manner of upgrades these days. With the accompanying price tag . . .

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