Work Wednesday—Good Grief

As you know, we’ve started and finished a lot of projects around here. And started a few more . . .

We knew, moving in, and we still had the bathroom to finish—mainly the floor, but also replacing the shower. No, there’s nothing really wrong with it, but compared to the new vanity and linen cabinet, well, it could use some upgrading.


And then.

Then we decided to pull out the jetted corner tub. While we might use it occasionally, it’s pretty big, and with the 12-inch seat and shelf all the way around, it takes up a lot of space.

So we ordered a clawfoot tub. I’d always wanted one . . .

We’re taking out most of the shelving/seating under the windows too; the cat will have to deal with a bit less space to gaze out the windows. He’ll adjust.

All the pieces have arrived. Let the fun begin! Ha.

Before all this, however, we had, for some time, noticed that our pipes were gurgling a lot whenever a drain was used. Hmmm. I spent some time at the lagoon, trying to determine if we had something clogged or what. My husband searched, in vain, for an exhaust pipe on the roof.

We called the plumbing company in town. Nope, no exhaust. And the lagoon hadn’t been maintained very well, if at all.

Yesterday, the backhoe was scheduled to arrive—in the mud and rain. Needless to say, that’s been rescheduled, along with the exhaust which, apparently is there–under the house–but uselesss for some reason. But they did install the shower base and moved the drain.

I spent the day at the campsite with Kura. Too much commotion for both of us.


And now, let the tiling begin!


Ah, crap. Tile. Blech. At least this job is vertical instead of horizontal, as in on the floor. Maybe that’ll help . . . yeah, right . . .

Shower, floor, tub. And additional shelf space where the shower used to be, since the new one is about four feet instead of five. Maybe next week I’ll have pictures of the finished product—or next month!




Work Wednesday—NOT at the Farm

Well, while all this remodeling has just been a barrel of laughs, a super fun activity and all that, this week’s post is brought to you by Paperwork.


It’s not bad enough that January 1st brings the beginning of the month, which means a few hours doing royalty statements for RHP, but it also brings the beginning of the year or rather, in my case, the END of the year.

And that means accounting, personal and business, and taxes, and this year the FAFSA, and a health insurance issue—see last week—and de-decorating the house from Christmas.


So my husband is down at the farm, batching it and eating crap, but most importantly, he’s tiling the office and bedroom and finishing the last bedroom wall.

And that’s a big HALLELUJAH, but it also means that very soon I can start dragging some furniture down there so I can move down the boxes I’ve packed that are starting to fill up the garage again.

And the living room.

Yes, got a bit ahead of myself.

But really, I saw no point in putting non-holiday stuff back up on the mantel, etc., when I’d just have to take it down again. Besides, it’s almost time to put the house on the market and we’ve got a few minor repairs and things to do here.

Much easier without the clutter.

So, no pics, no exciting stories of my sorta/kinda ineptitude with paint and so forth, but just know that I’m thinking about all that endless tile while I sit here, buried in paperwork . . .