Fan Friday—Health and Food

Whenever I think about my health, I naturally start thinking about food. I didn’t always—as the scale will tell you. Of course, if the scale tells you one single damn thing, I’ll have to kill you. Both of you.

I try to eat right, although I’m not obsessive. If I have a choice, I’ll skip the processed stuff—I don’t buy it, normally, but it ends up in my kitchen somehow. I limit my meat, go light on sauces, make most things from scratch, etc. And I drink a lot.

Water! I drink a lot of water!

Sheesh. 😉

Anyway, if you show me a bag of cheese popcorn, I’ll dive in and won’t come up for air; same with nacho cheese Doritos and onion dip. I have my weaknesses. Thankfully, they’re few and far between.

Sweets? Never been a fan, although over the last couple decades I’ve been eating more sugar. I blame my husband, Mr. Sweet Tooth. It’s okay, he can handle it.

Oh yeah—I don’t believe in supplements, except for a legit health issue. Hot flashes, for instance: vitamin E made them a tad more bearable at the beginning. Maybe it was the power of suggestion, I’m not sure, but I stopped taking it after a while. Probably because I forgot.

But most of those things just flush right out of your system anyway, and the new craze of powdered whatever is a lot of hype. And probably a lot of junk, too.

You can disagree, but you won’t change my mind. I’m old now, I can be blunt.

So the second component here is exercise.


Not a fan.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of ligament/disk/arthritis issues, so I exercise every day. I’m getting better at it. I think. I really try to relax and “enjoy” it, instead of rushing through. That’s progress, right?

So, neck, back, knees, and a few loosening up/get the blood flowing kind of things, and then I do some flexibility stuff and strengthening exercises. And I walk.

I walk the dogs, I walk back into rooms 14 times because I forgot something, and I walk around both dogs and the three cats.

I’m also quite good at hurdles. See “the three cats.”

The only time I sit at my desk for more than half an hour at a stretch is when I’m working on a book.

Which reminds me, time to get back to REPEAT!