Prep Monday—The Girl Card

I read an article about feminism and how women of yesteryear were much happier than they are today. I thought the article was funny as heck, but NOT because I fit the definition of a feminist.

I believe that women can do anything men can do.

I do not, however, believe that women can do anything men can and do it better.

It’s a fact that men are physically stronger than women. Often, I think they have, in general, more physical stamina too. Not saying that’s a fact, just a guess on my part—my husband, for example, could run circles around me like the freakin’ Energizer bunny. However, when he crashes, he’s done. Women, I think, even when they’re “done” tend to keep “doing,” at least mentally or emotionally.

Men just turn on the TV.

Take our recent fencing project, for example. Sure, I could have done that by myself, but because of the strength issue, it would have taken me, oh, ten times as long. Probably. Or, just yesterday, hanging heat lamps in the greenhouse—of course I could do that, but he wanted them on the ridgeline and I can’t reach up there without a ladder. I could have laid all the tile in the house, too, but again, I’d be bringing in like one box of tile a day and crying for months while I wore myself out doing it.

You remember the tile posts, right? Ugh.

Over the weekend, he mentioned the upcoming holiday and said, “Oh, we need to pull out the old ATV this week and make sure it runs before the kids come down.” And I responded with, “I’m pulling the Girl Card—put that on your own list.”

We had quite a discussion then. I told him if he wanted me to do the Guy Stuff, no problem, and he could cook and clean. He said no thanks, he’d rather be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner all at one time. And have it be edible.

This isn’t the first Girl Card I’ve used. When we pulled out the old wood furnace, all 500 pounds of it, I helped get it on the dolly and out the door. I was just about ready to get on the tractor so he could load it up to take to the barn and the neighbor showed up.

That was it, I was done. Not because I can’t operate the tractor, but because that darn thing was HEAVY and would still need to be unloaded after it got TO the barn.

The Girl Card can be useful say, when going to Lowe’s. I like the store just fine, and I can look around there for half an hour, maybe. What I canNOT do is stare at a wall of screws or nails for ten minutes, trying to find “the right one.” They mostly all look alike to me. BORING. Pick one, move on.

To be fair, my husband also does this in the grocery store, trying to find the exact product and/or the best “deal.” I walk and grab at the same time.

And it’s not like I leave all the icky or hard stuff for him. I was right there putting fence posts in the ground and screwing in the boards. I haul wood and clear brush and trim trees—what I can reach. Men will go up in the tractor bucket to reach a branch, I so totally will not. Girl Card.

Yes, we may well have a throwback marriage, but that works for us. And people who say women were miserable in the 50s never watched June Cleaver. Okay, okay, I kid. Think of it, though:

A couple gets married. The mister goes to work, 9-5, Monday through Friday, from age 25 to 65. Forty years. The missus cleans and cooks and takes care of the children, but she does this for only twenty years.

Who got the better deal, huh?

And we women, those in the 50s and those who do what we do now, didn’t wait on our husbands because we HAD to, we did it because we WANTED to, but because we love him and want to make his life easier, just as he provides for us for the same reasons.

Kinda like the Church. Exactly like the Church. Christians don’t obey God because they HAVE to, but because they love Him and WANT to.

I’m fully aware that some women want to have careers. Heck, I’ve dabbled in all kinds of business-y stuff over the years. I’m very efficient and organized and had some free time. And I’m aware that some men expect equality in the home and two salaries coming in and some, yes, MUST have both paychecks. If that’s all you’re focusing on here, you’re missing the point.

And honestly, I think a lot of women WOULD be happier doing things like the “old days.” Come on, you can do all that Pinterest stuff and be with your kids and volunteer in the PTA or whatever. You don’t have to climb the corporate ladder and prove yourself to anyone or any ideals.

If you want to be a feminist and holler for “Girl Power” and all that, feel free. I don’t feel like I’m powerless and I don’t feel like I’m less than anyone else, let alone my husband. Yes, I think women should have equal salaries for equal work/pay/experience/competence, etc. No, I don’t think women can BETTER do everything men can do—see the opening fact above. Yes, I think women should vote. Good grief. I know that’s going to come up. Yes, I think women are smart.

Be yourself. Do you. Doesn’t matter what anyone says.






Work Wednesday—Fence is Finally Finished!

I am so, so relieved that this is over! Imma have to smack my doc one of these days for telling me to “get more exercise.” Good grief. Each of those 4×4 posts weigh nearly 40 pounds, and the six-inchers are close to 90. Plus all those boards—ack. Not to mention the lifting and bending and, um, screwing.

My wonderful husband finished up the boards we had to trim a bit. Quite frankly, I was beat, and he said it would drive me nuts anyway. See, I try to help as much as I can, and I don’t mind the work at all, but I really, really hate standing around while he does something that I can’t help with. So, this way worked best.

We do still have to hang the gates; one we picked up at auction and it needs to be painted first.

012 019

Then on to finish the greenhouse—we actually started last week, but the wind picked up a bit much for putting on the plastic, so we stopped for the time being. And since then, we’ve had both wind AND some rain.

So I’ve been working on some business stuff and cleaning tack—only the saddles so far—and playing at Suzi Homemaker. Not to mention adjusting to the time change; not me so much as those darn cats, who are always “starving” anyway . . .

And there’s my ongoing Battle of the Leaves.

See, we used to live in the Big City, where everyone rakes and burns and bags them, and I’m not a fan of any of that. It’s best for the ground/grass/earth/your back/your peace of mind to just mulch them up and leave them.

We went from one acre with 20+ trees to 35 acres with—never mind, I will NOT be counting! But I do try to keep them off the decks and as soon as a few more fall, I’ll be mowing all around the house. I picked up (at auction, of course!) a battery-operated blower. It’s awesome, no cord to drag around and fairly light, but those batteries do run down pretty quickly. It’s a rather handy gadget.

The wood furnace got inaugurated last night. We’d tried it once before, but the wood was a bit too wet to catch. It sure got going this time! When I stepped out of the shower, I noticed the faint haze of smoke—everywhere! My husband closed the damper most of the way and I opened a few windows and that pretty much took care of that.

But the heat that thing puts out is incredible . . . almost couldn’t fall asleep last night, it was 75 in here—a far cry from the usual 65 or so!

PS—Keep your fingers crossed, I found a horse trailer! Hopefully we’ll get to see it today!