Robin has always been a big fan of the outdoors, and now she’s taken that to a whole new level—besides items of interest on prepping and homesteading in general, she and her husband made the big move out to the middle of nowhere.

Robin has been writing professionally since 2007 (and working on The Great American Novel since before that), and transitioned from non-fiction freelancing to fiction when her first book was published in 2012. That was followed by two more the following year, plus a marketing E-book, while she founded Rocking Horse Publishing, also in 2012.

And now for the “professional bio” version:

Robin is the author of REDUCED, REUSED, RECYCLED, and REPEAT, and lives in Missouri with her husband, Dennis. She has a rather eclectic educational background, and finally finished her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. She has held a plethora of jobs, appointments, and volunteer positions, and tries very hard to make it through one week at a time without a crisis.

Robin is available to speak at your next event! Topics include writing, editing, networking, speaking, publishing, bookselling, marketing, and promotion. Please email to schedule or for more information.

You can reach her at Robin@RobinTidwell.com.


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