Rush and Obama

Lots of controversy these days, even after the election and the inauguration; you’d think folks would be sick and tired of arguing, but hey – maybe that’s what Americans do best?

Rush has been spouting off on the airwaves for years; he can be amusing. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes not. His delivery is entertaining but, yes, frequently rather off-putting. Quite a few of my liberal friends think he’s a menace, and most don’t bother tuning in at all. That’s okay, to each his own. The reason Rush gets so much press is not because his opinions are so important, but because he’s so extreme in both conviction and attitude.

That said, I don’t know any conservatives who take him seriously. Well, okay, maybe one. There is probably another person out there too who believes “in Rush”. Seriously, though, giving much credence to what Rush says (and how he says it) is a little extreme; there are extremists everywhere, and most thinking people give them only about as much importance as they deserve. I’m thinking along the lines of cult members, holy rollers, terrorists, and so forth.

The current controversy is that Rush said he “hopes Obama fails”. Big whoop. He was referring to socialist or socialist-type policies. There are a lot of Americans who don’t want these things – they’re often called “Republicans” or “conservatives”. Look it up.

But the media reported this comment, out of context, then elaborated on the words themselves; most attributed the “failure” comment to the entirety of Obama’s presidency. Please. Those of you who agree with the media’s interpretation, take a moment to actually listen to what Rush said before you start clicking on commentary.

So, the next day or so, Obama retaliated. Is that too strong a word? I don’t mean it in the literal sense, as in “an eye for an eye”, but he did have a snappy comeback. He said that conservatives should stop listening to Rush; he said he’d won the presidency and that trumped anything else.

Well, okay. He did win. And it’s a pretty big job and all; the president even has a few things he can do without the approval of Congress. But unless we’ve changed over to a monarchy in the last week, being president doesn’t “trump” anything. Sure, you have better car service, a plane at your disposal, lots of traveling, great clothes, etc. And people do tend to listen to almost everything you say. And sometimes misinterpret those things.

Which is what the liberals say we’re doing. Oh, they tell us, Obama didn’t mean anything by that – he’s just being straightforward. Well, a person can be blunt and honest and still be insulting. I know. I have a mother who does that.

And they’re telling us we took what Obama said “out of context”. Wait a minute. Isn’t that what the media said about Rush’s comment? Hmmmm.

I’ve also heard several people mention that Obama shouldn’t tell us what to do as though we’re children, incapable of discerning rants from facts; treating us as though we’re sheep being led to the slaughter. Is he worried or afraid of something? I mean, seriously, Americans probably don’t have the best taste in music, books, television, or any type of entertainment, but I have yet to hear of anyone sending our President a letter telling him he should not listen to whatever radio programs or watch whatever television shows he likes. I don’t think anyone is presuming to tell him how he should spend any free time he can find.

Does he really think we vote based on commentary alone? Perhaps that’s why he has so many fan clubs and websites; after all, a celebrity needs to stay in the limelight in order to effectively maintain his base of admirers. If the media can continue to positively report his decisions, and quote him, ad finitum, if they can continue to spin things just right, Obama may very well be able to pull this off.


One comment on “Rush and Obama

  1. Mike Tidwell says:

    Huh, hadn’t heard this one. Last I heard from Rush was that racist video he was playing on his show. All the same, you’re right that it’s not that surprising or inflammatory. Sure, he and many of these other right wing talk radio people were throwing insults at liberals when they said something about hoping that Bush failed in his policies, calling them un-American, and what have you. But then I think we’re all used to that kind of hypocrisy. The main thing that I’m surprised by in this blog is the charge of “socialist-type policies.” As a socialist myself, let me say that Obama is not socialist at all. If anything he’s a centrist, demonstrated by his already numerous exercises in bringing in republicans to get things done. The only thing that could be remotely considered quasi-socialist is the bailout, but then that was initiated during the Bush presidency, and is recommended by experts across the political spectrum, and so could hardly be considered extreme in any way.


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