Being Content with Content Marketing

Many of you know I self-published Absolute Authority through CreateSpace, Amazon’s publishing house. This was not because the book wasn’t good enough to get published the traditional way. It was. But after going through the agony of querying ad nauseum, I did the math and figured out I was better off not waiting around any longer and just getting the book out there. I have two sequels planned (one in the works as we speak) and did not want to delay too long and thus lose my momentum. So I decided on purpose to self-publish.

There was a time not so long ago that self-publishing was strictly taboo if you ever wanted to be taken seriously as an author. Thankfully, those days are long gone. The stigma has worn off and authors are free to be more creative and not get stuck in the mass production assembly line of traditional…

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  1. Not so sure I like her style, but agree with some of her reasons. When I found out it takes anywhere from 18 months to 2 years to get a book on the shelf with the Big 6, I didn’t even want to try. Who wants to wait that long? At my age, I’d forget what my own book was about after that much lag!


  2. […] a little bit about your writing process.  As a mystery writer do you write backwards? I met Robin Tidwell when she came to speak at a Southeast Missouri Writers Guild meeting at the library in Cape […]


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