Writing Rules and Why I’m Rebellious

Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

I have always been a rebellious person.  An ex-boyfriend forbid me to have my hair cut as he wanted me to wear it long… So I opted for the popular style amongst boys at the time and had ‘curtains’ cut in.  My teachers forbid me to wear makeup and denim at school… So I wore jeans and plenty of nail varnish and eye-liner.  Rebelling against my Mum was difficult.  I wanted a black, leather mini-skirt, she bought one for herself to match.  I wanted my nose pierced, she suggested we went together (I chickened out).  I wanted to listen to loud music with loads of swearing in it, she reminded me that my Uncle is founding member of the 70s/80s punk band Solvent Abuse.  I wanted to read more adult books, she handed me her copies of DH Lawrence, Martina Cole, etc. etc.  You get the picture…  So I turned…

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