Book Reviews

People buy books. People read books. But if people don’t ever TELL anyone about those books, no one else will ever know about them.

Sure, you’ve read a lot of books. And you might tell your significant other about them, or your friends. But do you write a review and post it publicly?

The two main sites for book reviews are Goodreads and Amazon. You have to have a FREE Goodreads account, but you don’t have to actually WRITE a review – you can just rate books. This helps, certainly, when people are scrolling for new books and new authors – no one wants to read a one-star reviewed book. Well, some might, if they’re into “awful.”

If you have a Goodreads account already, this will take something like 2 seconds to accomplish. Okay, maybe 5 seconds if you have to do a search for the book… If you don’t already have an account, plan on five whole minutes. You can do this, right? Take five minutes or less to let the world know about a book?

[Yes, I know Amazon bought Goodreads; you still have to post on both sites, they don’t automatically carry over.]

As for Amazon, you do NOT have to have purchased the book on Amazon in order to review it. Yes, you need to have an account and yes, it’s free. Takes five minutes. Then you find the book, click “review,” give it stars, then write said review. On Amazon, you have to write a few sentences. A whole TWENTY WORDS.

You can do this, yes? Here’s an example:

This was a great book! I loved it! Good story, fast-paced, well written. Can’t wait for more from this author!

Voila! Twenty words!

Feel free to copy/paste this, if you wish, especially when reviewing RHP books. Okay, just a suggestion! And, in case you forgot which books are ours, here they are, complete with links to Amazon – it couldn’t be any easier!









9 comments on “Book Reviews

  1. So true that it is easy to leave a review. Authors appreciate it! I may just be reading a few RHP books soon…


  2. Reblogging, too. I try to review whatever I read. Sometimes my list gets backlogged, but I do try to catch up.


  3. Hey, I’ve got a few reviews I need to write. Can you post some more 20 word reviews I could use? 🙂


    • Of course:

      This book is awesome! It’s amazing! Wonderful! Fantastic! The best thing EVER! I loved it – I want to marry it!

      This book is GREAT! I want to hug it and squeeze it and call it George! Read it already, now!


  4. conny1109 says:

    Very true. We should all take a moment to write a review when we’re done with a book. It doesn’t take long and can help both authors and readers. Perhaps people are hesitant about posting a review because they don’t really want to speak their mind.


  5. rmactsc says:

    I often find getting people to post reviews is a difficult process. A lot of my books sell well over at but when it comes to leaving reviews; they are few and far between.


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