Prep Monday – Power Outage 2013

This coming week, Wednesday and Thursday, the DHS is conducting a drill a la American Blackout. Several government sites have put up notices about this, although the information is not widely known. I actually first heard about it from a poster here on my blog – the definitive info, not just the rumors and brief comments that have been around for a few weeks. Quite a few companies are participating in this as well.

Of course, if something can be FUBAR, this might be it . . .

But here’s what I’m thinking:

What if we all “participated?” Now, I realize that these are weekdays and we all have “work” to do that’s non-negotiable. For instance, I have to open the store, I have to take my son to and from school. But what if we actually went about the rest of those days as though the grid had indeed gone down?

Could you do it?

This is how my day would go:

My clock is battery operated, so the alarm would ring. Probably be cold in the house, but maybe not too much more so than usual since the thermostat is set on 65 at night. Guess I’d start with turning that off so it doesn’t kick on at 6:30. My kid is gonna love that! Ha.

No lights, but the sun will be coming up; no microwave for coffee, so I’ll have to use my little camp stove with sterno. Since it’s Day 1, I could probably flush and still have water. Cold water. That shower is going to be a real bite. Or I could heat some water on my gas stove – also good for coffee, of course – but I’ll have to light the pilot manually.

Crud, no checking Facebook or doing marketing – or does that constitute “work?” I’m going to call it “work,” not only because it is, but because this is a simulation and doesn’t include “work.” So, yeah, I’ll see you around . . .

And I’m going to cheat a little too, because before I go open the store I’ll have to turn on the heat for the critters. They already told me that NO WAY are they going to practice this stuff . . . J

So – I won’t be able to use a debit or credit card; good thing I have cash. And yes, I know the gas stations, stores, etc. will be open and using electricity, but work with me here, folks! I’m about out of cigarettes – bad prepper – okay, okay, bad habit, whatever – but I AM going to stop for some. If I’m freezing and doing everything else, I get this one pass, okay??

None of this stuff during the day will be too bad. But in the evening, when my workday ends? Oh, and about that – ONLY work is allowed on the computer. With the lights on. After that, well, um. It’s gonna be hard. I won’t lie. But it might teach me a thing or two . . .

Dinner, of course, could be done on the stove with the manual lighting, etc. And then? What about after dark, which is like 5:00? Hmmm. I typically stop working around 8:00 on Wednesday and Thursday, which leaves a couple hours before 10:00 and bedtime. Candles and blankets for everyone! And no TV, which won’t particularly bother me, but my husband will be a wreck. And our son, the gamer? Uh oh!

So, we’ll talk. Huh? Or play cards by lantern light. Or something. Go to bed at 8:00? J

This could be very, very interesting.


3 comments on “Prep Monday – Power Outage 2013

  1. Fascinating post, Robin…It’s amazing how one can find alternative things to do when the power goes off. If it’s off for a few days at a time, and most certainly we would have to say bye-bye to the food in the freezer if it’s more than a week, ie. cooking and canning on a propane stove or even open fire if necessary to preserve that food quickly. Work will actually be constituted of solving problems that were unrealized–even for a prepper. “:)


    • Well, I’m sure I missed a few things – I was in a hurry! But having to stop and think “how would I do this,” for a couple days, might be a good idea for everyone to try once in a while.


  2. rmactsc says:

    You are off course referring to Gridex II. Hopefully it really is a test only and the lights will remain on; but if not, we shall see what occurs next.


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