RHP—New Release!

The incomparable Raymond Alexander Kukkee has a new novel being released today—well, technically, it was released some time ago, but the second edition is brand new, cover and all! FiresofWaterland-FINAL (4)

A small boy, abused and neglected, reaches a sanctuary: Floyd’s house. Floyd will know what to do. Floyd knows everything. But when Fletch is dragged away to the Waterland Home for Boys, no one can save him from its depravity.

Finally, at long last, Fletch returns to Floyd’s—and meets the love of his life, Livvy Manlin. Livvy has a secret too . . .

You will be shocked and disturbed as Fletch tells his story of abuse and drinking, molestation and sex, growing up in a small post-war town, and fire. Always fire.

Deadly fire.

You can pre-order today, via our website!







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