Prep Monday—So What’s Up with Prepping These Days?

Oh, I still hear a lot of prepper ideas and plans and things, but has anyone else noticed that the sky doesn’t appear to be falling these days?

We had some tense moments in 2015, like Jade Helm and the economy and the Pope’s visit with Congress and the UN and whatnot, but it’s now 2016 and there haven’t been any dramatic differences.

Huh. Maybe ISIS just settled down for the holiday or folks are still chugging holiday spirit . . .

As for me, I’ve been watching and waiting. Watchful waiting. Whatever. I never expected, really, to have to throw stuff in the truck and take off, but I could have if it had come to that. But, while my Facebook feed has slowed down a bit, as well as the media, both mainstream and otherwise, I’m still plugging along.

I have a garden planned for the spring, and the means to get it planted and fenced.

I have alternate power sources.

I have plenty of stored consumables and other things.

I’ve been hoping all along that things will hold off until we’re “ready,” and it looks like that’s going to be the case. Or not. But I am at the point where that “or not” doesn’t seem as scary.

And you know, while writing and researching my book series was enough to scare the bejeezus out of me, I’m still convinced that things—in general, I mean, politically and economically—are going to get worse.

And that’s what prepping is about.

Then, too, I’m at that point in life where I want to do what *I* want to do, and be out in the woods and be self-sufficient. That’s the plan, and I’m sticking to it.

And, too, when something happens, I’ll be ready. I’m not going to scour the Internet for the crazies and report on every single conspiracy theory, but I’m still checking my sources, the ones I trust, and I’m still keeping an eye out.

You probably should, too.


4 comments on “Prep Monday—So What’s Up with Prepping These Days?

  1. You’re not getting all paranoid are you Robin?
    Prepping shouldn’t be about fear just you learning and equipping for problem solving. After all that’s all survival is, problem solving.

    As for the doom sayers?
    Have you noticed how they never give you a precise date now. Not since the Mayan fiasco when a lot of ex-spurts got burnt.
    Or they just make extravagant claims that never pan out.

    Personally I love it.
    A good laugh is the best medicine for all sorts of ills.


    • Nah, not paranoid. Hang on, let me take off this tinfoil hat for a sec so I can see better to type… I guess my point is that, after all the gloom and doom this fall, the conspiracies are settling down. Or maybe not. I still see stuff pop up, just not as often. Of course, I wrote this right before the Oregon deal gained steam.

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    • Doesn’t that tin foil itch!

      Funny how things have evolved isn’t it. Looking in from outside, IMHO Oregon is only a stuttering poorly planned stunt. Only I’m thinking that if the state does nothing it will fizzle out. Time is on their side.

      Somehow I don’t think the US is ready for civil war unless the mighty ‘O’ swats these protesters.

      The will to take on the masses isn’t there at a local level. Probably a case of them being sensible and just hoping the mighty ‘O’ will just go on holiday for the rest of his term. After all there must be a few golf courses left where he hasn’t played. 🙂


    • It does, indeed! lol

      I read this morning that schools 30 miles away were closed due to the “potential” for violence. Ha. Around here, the school-closed limit seems to be like 3 miles. Strange.

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