Bookstore Wednesday

I’ve kind of dropped the ball on the blog posts the last couple of week, and I apologize. I actually started writing a post about bookstores, but decided it was too whiny. I did, however, save a few highlights.

So here are a few dos and don’ts when shopping at an indie bookstore:

DO come in and hang out for a while. We don’t mind at all, but we can’t always sit and chat.

DO talk about books you love – we’ll probably throw in a few comments too.

DO tell us about books you DO NOT like (unless it’s mine, then you can just keep it to yourself!) – we have some we think are plain awful. It’s okay. You don’t have to love every book.

DO let us order a book for you – we can find almost any book, new or used, and it arrives in about a week or so.

DO ask about our local authors – we’ve met most of them, and if you’re lucky, one will be in the store when you come. As a side note, they’ve worked just as hard on their books as some “celebrity” authors, but you haven’t heard of them yet. Yet. Instead of reading the same old stuff, try someone new!

DON’T tell us how to run to the store, or arrange the store. Trust me, we’ve tried a number of different things and this is what works. Especially don’t do this if you’ve never been in the store, or just now walked four feet inside the door. Suggestions, however, are welcome – demands will make us crabby.

DON’T ask for a discount. This isn’t a garage sale. If you buy a new paperback, you’ll pay at least $8; our used books are only $3 and yes, some are in better shape than others. Our hardcovers are just $5 – and a new one will run you about $20.

DON’T expect us to entertain you. See the “hanging out” comment above – while our customers are very important, sometimes we have to answer the phone or talk to another patron or do paperwork.

DON’T let your children smear their hands all over the counter, the books, and the windows/door. How do you think those things get clean again?

And finally, please DON’T race around the perimeter of the store, glancing at the shelves, and zoom out the door while 1) exclaiming you’ll be back “some other time,” or 2) barely acknowledging our greeting and our “thanks for coming!” That’s just kind of rude.

I don’t think I’m being whiny – most of these are just plain good behavior for customers of any retail establishment. But seriously, check out our local authors. You may have never heard of some of them, but you can get to know them personally and, besides, these books will blow your mind. Really.




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  1. No comments about bathroom etiquette or saving that for the next post?


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