Taking a Break

I’m skipping the RHP post today and I’m just going to jabber about some other stuff that’s really bugging me. And I don’t really give a flip who gets ticked off.


I’m sick and tired of all the bullshit that flies around and, honestly, a lot of it seems to land on me.


You think I’m whining? Phhhht. Think what you want.


In the last six months or so, I had to deal with a kid being arrested. Yeah, maybe he did it, I don’t know, that’s for the judge to decide. The point is that I, as his mom, still had to be a mom. That means making sure he’s okay, even in jail for six months, and going to visit him almost every week. Pain in the rear, but that’s what moms do, right? Regardless.


All the time worrying about him, about his future, etc. And worrying about the effect on the rest of the family. And worrying about bail and money and EVERYTHING. You can’t imagine, unless you’ve had this happen to you too.


And then our bookstore closed. It was time. And you know what? We tried. We offered value for money to help us keep going—we didn’t beg. We didn’t ask anyone to come work and help out or donate stuff. And we closed. We’re still paying for it, and probably will for a long time to come. So there’s that.


Then yesterday. Some random dude drives off the road, barely clips two trees and lands in my truck. Yep, IN MY TRUCK. Which was parked IN MY DRIVEWAY. He pushed it into the garage, too. They took him away in an ambulance.


I felt sorry for the guy, I walked out there and stayed with him, talked to him, put his hat under his head so he wouldn’t be lying on the pavement and gravel. I was worried about him.


Now, I’m pissed. My truck is out of commission which means we’re down to one vehicle, and it’s about kaput. My kid has to go to school, my husband has to go to work. We’re screwed. Homeowners’ insurance won’t cover it, and uninsured motorist in Missouri is ONLY for medical issues.


I wonder if a nervous breakdown would qualify?


Repairs will be around $500 at least, just for parts. And that’s only my estimate and I have no idea, not really, not until tomorrow. And here’s the kicker: this EFFING IDIOT had no license and no insurance. A recovering alcoholic, he owes the woman with whom he lives $10K. His wife? Oh, they split up a decade ago, but aren’t divorced. And, supposedly, he was on his way to “pick up his disability check.” For the second or third time. The last time, he also “had a heart attack.”


Well, screw you, Mr. Burke. I hate you. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you. I wish you’d hit one of those big damn trees in my yard, head on.


Too harsh?

Go ahead, judge me. I can take it.


I’m damned sick and tired of all the people who screw off and get by and ask for handouts, while we struggle and play by the rules. Spend a fortune on insurance, which doesn’t even help when you need it. Try to pay our bills and live up to our obligations while others just coast on through, leaving a crap ton of damages in their wake.


EFF OFF, losers.





11 comments on “Taking a Break

  1. Not judging at all. I’m glad you were able to release a little of the steam behind your pressure valve. I hope it helped, and I’m sorry you haven’t had the best 2014.


  2. Rant away any time Robin–that’s what friends are for. This year has been a tough one, no doubt about it. It can only get better, it seems. Very few people really KNOW how tough things can get. It’s about being resilient, strong, and yes, even ranting once in a while. NO judging involved. ((HUGS))


  3. conny1109 says:

    I like your post and that you let fly. I just don’t like the statement “he’s a recovering alcoholic”. Who gives a fuck what he is. He doesn’t booze anymore, what does he want … a medal?
    I don’t understand how this guy could drive without insurance. I thought all drivers have to have third party insurance. I hope you go after him with everything you’ve got Robin. Screw the $10 K he owes to some woman, go after YOUR money.


  4. Oh, Robin, I had no idea about your son. I have been in your position. Heartbreaking, frustrating and scary as hell. The stress will kill you and then to have the other things. I’m so very sorry.


  5. Jeez… That has to be three things right? Sorry about your son 😦 And I hope idiot driver gets what’s coming to him. Hugs and kisses.


  6. That was another good point you made, too, Robin..Do-nothing lazies, alcoholics and losers always seem to “magically” win out, while average, hard-working, caring people, the salt of the earth, get short shrift. It is grossly unfair at the very least. It seems to me that may be life –but it doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. “Just sayin”. ((HUGS)) kiddo. Persist. Raise hell as necessary with your local “politicians” –property damage caused by uninsured drivers should be covered. What is it with these people?


  7. authormjlogan says:

    A lot of frustrating troubles. Here’s hoping things get better from here out. And I judge you… justified in your frustration and anger.


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