Work Wednesday—What Have We Been Up To?

A lot. That sums it up nicely, but makes for a very boring story . . .

We’ve planted the April half of the garden:

Two-year asparagus crowns and some seed, just in case;




A few tomato plants, and have some starters to put out next week;




And kale.

And of course, we have herbs growing on the back porch: cilantro, oregano, thyme, parsley, and a few others. Next week, we’ll add beans, corn, cucumbers, squash, melons, and peppers to the garden.


So far, NO DEER!

They come up the house and hang out and eat corn and mess with the salt block almost every night; the first wave usually arrives around 9:30 for a few hours and the next one shows up about 4:30 in the morning.


We also added two cherry trees to the orchard and two more blueberry bushes. We’re cultivating a section of wild raspberries and started two grapevines—all of this is INSIDE the FUD. Thank goodness.

I’ve put in some flowers around the house and moved a few iris. I swear, there are bulbs all over this place, and in random spots. Planted my rose cuttings from the St. Louis house and started a few more.

Last Saturday, we went to an auction about 45 minutes away. Came home with two ATVs, a newer tiller, a saddle, and a blade. My husband has been having fun with that ATV and blade—but naturally, my ATV needed some work, so the poor guy spent all day yesterday tinkering with it.




Oh, it runs. Until it doesn’t.

I think I could get used to going out in the woods on this, though. Its name is le Pew. Since the Mule was christened Pepe and both machines are quite contrary, I figured they were related.

Remember that rock crop? When we had the garden plowed, the guy brought his wife and kids to pick up rocks. Now we have a huge pile by my old rock wall; I call it the snake pile. Haven’t seen one yet, but am being very, very careful! I’ve been moving rocks up to the house to stabilize the bottom of the lattice around the decks.

And I swear that snake pile is growing. It never seems to get smaller.





6 comments on “Work Wednesday—What Have We Been Up To?

  1. I’m baffled. Where do you find time to do all this and work your job at the same time?


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