Prep Monday—Cold and Rain

Argh, I’m so tired of this—already! I can deal with cold. Wind, not so much. Cloudy days one right after the other, not at all! Yes, I know it’s only November . . .

Super hard to get motivated to do much of anything.

This makes me think of the pioneers and the isolated farmers back in the day. What did they do all winter?

Well, they still had chores of course. Around here, we start up the fire first thing in the morning and heat water for coffee, then feed the animals. Not so different, really.

Of course, we have meals to cook and clean up, and housework and laundry don’t stop in the winter. The biggest difference now is that we have it a lot easier—electric ovens and propane stoves and a hot water heater. Now, when SHTF, we’ll be using other methods; think about it, when you go camping, how much time it takes to build a fire and cook and clean up afterwards.

We do have to make sure we have a good supply of firewood; most of that was done earlier in the fall, but since this is our first year heating with wood, we’re still in the trial-and-error stage as to quantity. Just like the pioneers, though, we generally let it burn down overnight and start with coals in the morning. It sure helps to have a nice, thick comforter on the bed!

Back in the old days, besides all this, winter was also a time to relax and do indoor activities like playing games, craft projects, making music, and so forth. I’m sure we all remember Pa Ingalls and his fiddle, amiright? Well, I don’t have a fiddle, but I do have a guitar, an organ, and a drum . . . and books. And leather working tools and one of these days I’ll get beyond the second stitch on those damn knitting needles that I’ve carted around for 20 years . . .

Of course, the old folks didn’t have TV and Internet, either. 😉

Winter is a good time to plan your garden, or work in the greenhouse, or start projects, and you don’t have to feel guilty about slowing down during this time. After all, when you’re homesteading or farming, you more than make up for that during the rest of the year!


7 comments on “Prep Monday—Cold and Rain

  1. Judy Fuhrmann says:

    I enjoy your posts—sometimes I have trouble getting my response to post.


  2. Home's Cool! says:

    You are right, there is, in a way, less to do in the winter. But in another way, there is more. All animal feeding must be from stored food–no pasture out there. Watering animals is still a priority, and if there water freezes over, someone has to break that ice so they can get to the water. If there is a blizzard, someone must go out before it gets too dangerous, and run a rope between the house and barn, so it is find-able during blinding snowfall. Someone must dig a way out of the house (why the front door traditionally opens “in”). Keeping the fire fed and the kindling split are two big, essential jobs. And although folks perspire less and bathe less, it remains that someone must haul in the icy water and warm it with some of the firewood, for bathing and laundry. And laundry hangs indoors, to humidify while it dries.
    I like to think it is a trade. No weeding or canning but plenty of other distractions. And more sleep, since days are short and candles dear….


  3. Hmmmm, does that mean more writing and publishing, too? What about Repeat? Did I miss it?


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