Prep Monday—Critters

It’s important to prep for everyone, animals included. Our outdoor/indoor cat, Arthur, has a nice, cozy, straw-filled house on the front porch with an old towel and an old thermal curtain. She does, however, come inside at night when the temps are below freezing. She’s also very fluffy.

Doesn’t need coaxing anymore, either.

Our indoor/outdoor cat, Wilson, is in his element out here. Can’t hardly keep him in, which I prefer to do between sunset and sunrise, at least. He’s a Maine Coon and twenty pounds of muscle (and fluff), so he pretty much calls the shots.

And while the almost-four-year-old puppy loves to go outside, particularly for walkies, she’s pretty picky about going outside to do her business. Weather doesn’t seem to faze her, especially since she’ll just jump in a lap or snuggle in a blankie—or bury herself under the bed pillows—to warm up.

For myself, if the wind isn’t too bad and the sun is out, or mostly out, or even a tiny bit out, I can manage. Particularly since I just got a new Carhartt coat. Holy cow, how did I manage without it? That plus gloves and earmuffs, and I’m set. For windy days, or too much time on the ATV, I have a ski mask.

Also, the greatest socks in the world . . .

The big thing you have to remember is to stay hydrated and warm up every now and then. Even if you’re not sweating, you still need fluids, and while warm drinks are great, be sure to keep up your water intake.

Right now, we’re prepping for our new horses, arriving within the week. I think. I hope. Not entirely sure yet . . .

We’re building a run-in shed, 10X16, with metal siding and roof and of course, a wooden kick panel on the inside. Contrary to the common wisdom of facing south, ours faces east. We seldom get weather from that direction, and our prevailing winds come from the south/southwest. Picked up a couple bales of straw for the flooring, and we’re about ready.


Our weekly town trip included a stop at our local MFA for feed buckets, a mineral block, and a few vet supplies. Might not need those last, but these mustangs are coming from a range in South Dakota under very harsh conditions, and eventually, at the very least, these things are good to have on hand if you have any livestock at all. Cuts and scrapes from fencing, sticks, fighting, and the odd incident—I once had a horse with a pretty deep “butt cut.” Yes, right THERE. Not even sure how that one happened, but it was a good thing Bingo was a very steady mare, because dressing that thing would have made any other horse completely psycho.

And yes, just like for people, water is important. We have inside and outside water for the aforementioned small critters, and a nice, deep tank for the horses. It’s unlikely to completely freeze, but no, we don’t use a heater—we do it the old-fashioned way, with a hammer and a few whacks!





Prep Monday—What Do You Think Will Happen?

Remember when President Obama was elected the first time? A lot of folks thought TEOTWAWKI was coming—and again, when he was elected the second time. I’ll admit it, that second election had me stumped.

We don’t hear so much, during the current election season, about either candidate being the Antichrist, but there are plenty of rumors about TEOTWAWKI.

The funny thing is that is depends entirely on which candidate you’re supporting. The news clips and articles, I mean.

Some take the threat of Russia very seriously—and perhaps we should—and are convinced that if Clinton is elected, Russia will act against us. Some also believe that many of our freedoms will disappear, Russia notwithstanding, if Clinton wins the presidency.

Others believe that Trump’s win would set off a world war, based on his personality and other characteristics, as well as set us back, collectively, a hundred years’ worth of civilization.

I think it could go either way.

By that I mean that, regardless of the winner, things could go south in a hurry. Everyone is so eager to believe the worst of their opposing candidate, that I think it’d be silly to dismiss the doomsdayers’ predictions outright.

So what do you think? Is now a good time to prep? Why?

For me, it’s always a good time to prep. I’ve been doing so for over four years now and will continue. I don’t KNOW what’s going to happen, but I’m ready no matter what. Besides, it’s much easier to go the barn storage unit than run into town if I happen to need something I don’t have in the kitchen.