Bookstore Wednesday – You Tell Me

Now’s your chance:

What do YOU want to see in your local bookstore?

WHY do you come to the bookstore?

WHAT do you want to get when you’re there?

How many TIMES a month do you go to your local bookstore?

We have new and used – and can order almost anything, for a good price. Why in the world would you tell me, “Oh, that’s okay, I’ll just order it online!” I mean, I get that you might be in a hurry, or can find a slightly – and I do mean “slightly” – lower price. But to actually TELL me that, after I’ve gotten some info on a book you can’t quite remember, and check the store computer or even crawled around on the floor looking for the thing?

Okay, rant over – this is about YOU. Tell me what you want – more events? More authors? More new books? A different look?

Come on now, be honest! And, FYI, this could be ANY bookstore, not just All on the Same Page!


2 comments on “Bookstore Wednesday – You Tell Me

  1. LaLa says:

    I’m interested in opening a bookstore/cafe. What I look for, and hope to have, in a bookstore is character.

    I want a small cafe with delicious unbranded coffee (and jones soda). I want a small stage in the back with an open mic night, and a local band playing on other nights. During the day when none of these events are going on i’d play really good music you’ve never heard of but suddenly really want to know who sings it. I want both used and new books, but in good repair and well organized. I want free wi-fi so that I, a writer, can come and watch while writing my new novel.

    And, I want a local writer once a week or month in the store.

    Sorry, i know thats a lot…. but you asked for honesty. 🙂 This is what the perfect bookstore looks like to me.

    I hope this helps


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