Prep Monday—It Finally Happened!

All the papers are signed, the closing date is set, all the details worked out for possession, etc.

And I’m a mess.

You know how it is when you have SO MUCH to do? Me, I just kind of shut down. Random thoughts fly through my head at odd moments, and when I have a chance to sit down and think and make lists, my mind goes blank.

As you can guess, this plays havoc with my company. And family. And day-to-day stuff.

But we do have a plan. Sorta:

  1. Actually see the place.
  2. Go to the auction on March 14.
  3. Walk the property—this is separate from the first thing on the list, because initially we just need to see the buildings and check it all out.
  4. Decide where a few outside improvements are going to be built. We’d originally planned to camp while we were building the cabin, and even though it’s more like remodeling and cleaning now, we still need a place to sleep and cook and shower and all that. So that’s first on the building list. Plus, there will be a place for ALL OUR FRIENDS to stay while they’re um, helping. [wink, wink]
  5. Start the clean-up. The seller is having an auction, but we don’t really know how much of the “stuff” will be sold and removed, and we don’t know how much of the leftover stuff will be taken away. And, too, there’s some trash and things, overgrowth, and who knows what that will be need to be cleaned out.

Based on the calendar and our schedules, we hope to have these things done within a few weeks after closing; by the first of May, at least. Once school is out for the summer, we’ll have more time to go down there and stay for a few days or so. Of course, we won’t just be working—what’s the fun in that?

Next up will be putting storage stalls in the barn so we can start moving stuff out of our garage—if you’ll recall, over the last year I’ve been moving things into a big pile for a garage sale and packing up all the other things, memorabilia, etc., that I don’t want to exactly get rid of, but we don’t use. You know, kids’ mementos, papers and things from my grandparents, those kinds of things.

Our sale is set for April, and when it’s over, EVERTHING left—that the kids don’t take—will be donated. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Ruthless. That’s the keyword.

And then we have the house itself to deal with. The stuff. That’s all moving out too, eventually, to the garage for the next sale. Whew.

By the way, I hate garage sales. Loathe them. Despise them. Words are not strong enough to describe how truly terrible it is to have a garage sale . . .

So, up and at ‘em, onward and upward, and so forth. Go forth. Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m getting a little loopy making all these lists!


9 comments on “Prep Monday—It Finally Happened!

  1. Best advice, Robin….breathe and do one thing at a time. Panic has never been known to help an organizer or a prepper “:)


    • You’re right, of course, Ray. I don’t panic so much as shut down, lol! But this weekend I managed to make material lists for the outhouse, shower, and bbq, and calculate costs. So there’s progress, of a sort!


  2. Things like this always work out right in the end


  3. I’m right there with you. I’m overwhelmed at what I need to do to get the house prepared for sale, sell my things, choose what I can take, etc. I’m snowed in and should be doing at least something, but I’m watching an old Bill Murray movie – Larger Than Life. I shut down, too. Overwhelmed.


    • I’ve been following your posts. It does seem like a lot, but just break it down to more manageable tasks. And make a lot of lists! This will be the easiest move we’ve ever done, with plenty of time to do it. Heck, once we moved from MO to CO on just two weeks’ notice!


    • I can’t imagine two weeks.


    • Maybe it was three. I’ve forgotten – too much trauma, I guess! I was expecting Carson, so after I got finished crying and called my friends to tell them, I started packing: took the stuff off the walls, packed the extra stuff, rounded up the two kids to start on their rooms, and sent I Dennis off to Salida to find a house to rent. THEN we had to list our house, and I had to find a doctor for me and schools for the kids, and a church. Dennis got to Salida, and they no, go up to Greeley. So he did. Called me again and we had to start that part all over. Greeley said, no, try again. We ended up in Colorado Springs. Meanwhile, I was still packing – and it wasn’t like you could Google all this stuff and make hotel and car reservations online! Thankfully, the actually move was very easy…


    • Well, by the time we got there and I had a doc appt, he put me on bed rest. Between all the moving and the altitude, and my habit of having early babies… I was a mess! When we went from TX to MO, we had a U-Haul, a car, and a truck and trailer. The trailer was so heavy that it could only go 50 mph. Downhill. So the whole thing took 2 1/2 days!

      This one coming up will be much easier – since it’s close, we have a whole year to be moving stuff! Plus, we’re getting rid of a lot.


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