Work Wednesday—The Remodel Continues

And so the work continues.

Currently, we’ve updated the bathroom with a new vanity and linen cabinet; the mirror will follow this week. And now that we’ve changed everything else, seems the shower needs a facelift too . . . hmmm.


As long as we’ve pulled up half the bathroom floor, we may as well pull up the rest on that side of the house, right? The new tile is coming November 16, along with the appliances which will be housed in the barn until the kitchen cabinets arrive.


My husband is just itching to pull out the old kitchen, but he doesn’t have to try to cook there. So we’re waiting on that until closer to cabinet delivery, December 1st.

And then more tile.


So, in the meantime, he’s down there right now, building a pump house and finishing the bathroom. No pictures yet, he has no way to send them. Next week, I promise!

When I go down this weekend, though, after I fix a few pieces of lattice—that was last weekend, and what a project—we’ll start on the picket fence for the dogs. Just 80 linear feet.


No problem, right? Ha. Everything has been an adventure! For instance, last night he called because the living room fan light wasn’t working. Turns out it was the breaker.

The bathroom breaker.





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